Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3 Lake Reed

It rained. And rained and rained and rained. And we ended up with a mini lake in our backyard. Luckily, it drained fairly quickly. I don't think this picture shows the caused our balls to float at least 3 houses down! Yikes!

May 2 Date night!

It has been a while, I Know. So quickly, here's what happened in the last month!

Matt and I had a date night with sushi and trivia:

May 1 Splish Splash...again!

Ingrid watched my babies today while I had to work. Matt worked and my parents went to a last minute car show. She was wonderful to step in and take care of them for me. She took them on a day out and ended at the same play area we went to earlier in the week. She only had one issue she says, and that was with the boat. It had rained the day before and the bottom was full of water. They would put their feet in the puddle and that was ok, but then they started sticking their head in it. Yuck! She had to take them out and get them to play somewhere else. She lasted all day with them and they didn't tie her up or anything!! :)

April 30 {friends!}

We went to visit some friends who have a son Ava's age and one a bit older. She is a photographer and she made a tutu for girl's photo sessions. We tried it on Ava and she refused to take it off. They have this video game chair that they just loved playing on and hid underneath it and slid down it like a slide.

April 29 {picnic!}

I told Ava earlier in the day that I would bring them on a picnic for lunch. She never let me forget it! So we went to get some food and we went to the park to sit by the lake and eat. It was an easy picnic with Lunchables, CapriSuns and watermelon slices! Unfortunately, as we were walking around the lake we got attacked by ants and the babies got bit kinda bad. But luckily, just discomfort and no allergic reactions! Whew!!

April 28

After we picked up Ava from school it was too pretty of a day for us to just go home. I took the babies to Sonic to have ice cream and forgot my camera! phone died! So I had to wait to get home. The best picture I got was one of Brayden with ice cream on his face and it really isn't that great of one. But I was so excited for us to eat ice cream and have a good time together!

April 27

This is my summer purse (for now:)). It's a purse I have had for quite a few years, but I really like it because it is fun and really summery. Even as old as it is, I still get compliments on it. It's a Vera Bradley silk purse so I think I WILL be using it for a while! :)

April 26 Smores!

Matt cooked chicken on the grill and we invited some friends over to eat with us. They brought dessert: SMORES!! By the time we were done the fire had gone out on the grill so we just used the microwave. Not as good but still yummy!

april 25 {Splish Splash!}

I spent the day with my friend who loves to hang out with my kids. We went to do some shopping and then took the kids to play at the park. They spent most of the time in the water sprinklers! They loved to put their head in the water as it shot up out of the ground.

April 24 Teddy Bear Clinic

We went to the local hospital where they held a Teddy Bear Clinic. The babies got to see animals, shared a bagel, met firemen and nurses. Ava got her baby checked out and got a clean bill of health. They also got ID cards with their fingerprints, heights and weights. The best part?? They got to meet Dora and Diego!! I had to go to work so my parents took them to a train show and to play at the park!

April 22 {Water chaser}

Cosmo loves water. Or sprinklers, I guess. When the sprinklers are on or someone is using the hose, he chases water and gets soaked. It's insane, but really really funny.

April 21 {he sparkles}

I met up with a friend this morning and found out she was a huge scrapbooker too. We met back at my house and I showed her some of my stuff. Little Man was awfully quiet so I went to check on him. This is what I found...along with a pile of glitter on my carpet. Apparently the door I thought he couldn't open, he could...

April 20 {like father like son}

It was so late and Brayden just would not go to sleep! So Matt brought him into our bed (right, because that helps...:)). When I turned around to check on them, it was so cute to see him look just like his daddy. He does imitate his dad a lot and it's really cute to watch.

April 19 {indulgence}

This was after a long, tiring day. I just had was long and I was getting home late and a Twisted Frosty just helped make it better.

April 18 {planting with Oma}

My mom bought Ava some sunflowers and they were in a tiny container. They spent the day repotting them and it was really great to watch Ava and her Oma do something together! Ava gets so excited every day she visits them to see her new sunflowers.

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