Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 22-Earrings!!

First, I have to say this. My camera is always ALWAYS in my purse. Except today. And today we finally got Ava's ears pierced. People have been pushing us about it for quite a while and we just never did it for one reason or another. We took her to Walmart to get it done and I had to use my mom's phone for the picture. this is the moment the guns pierced her ears. Well, right after, I think...she looked at me like a deer in headlights and then wailed. I cried then too. It was hard to see my baby hurt. But she was so proud of her pierced ears!!

September 21-Scary morning

At around 2:30 am Matt wakes me up because he isn't feeling well. He is having terrible terrible chest pains and can hardly stand up straight because he hurts so bad. Within 10 minutes of waking me up he's in the car on teh way to the hospital. Luckily we live about a mile away. My mom comes over to sit with the kids and I go to the ER. He was there for around 3 hours and was let go. They ran tests and I cried and cried. His chest hurt the entire time we were there. They diagnosed it as something called pleurisy. Irritation of the lining between his heart and lungs. Gave him some meds and I took the day off to watch him and, quite frankly, to sleep.

September 20-FSU modeling princess! (warning, lots of pics!)

My good friend, Carey Williams, at needed Ava again to help her model. What, you ask?? Nothing greater than the Florida State blingwear!! She had UF stuff and Bama things. Of course my little girl was the Nole Princess!! Here is Ava and Arden giving "mean faces." Although Ava is almost not mean by this picture!

Trying to keep her occupied, I did my first cartwheel in probably a decade. At least. Still alive and I landed on my feet. *whew*

This is what little brothers do to pass the time while waiting for sister to finish modeling...Thanks Opa!

The girls running and just being silly.

Ava posing, with crossed eyes. For some reason, this is her new thing...we have been telling her not to do it, it might hurt her eyes! And Carey taking pictures of her daughter laying on the ground.

The three of them again, with Ava being silly with her eyes crossed.

September 19-What a girl!

For the past few nights Ava has come to me to tell me that their playroom is messy and she's cleaning it. I never really know what a 3 year old's version of "cleaning it" will be so I always hold my breath when I go check. Sure enough, it is clean! She puts everything on the shelf or in the toy boxes. I think she calls them treasure boxes. I am so proud of her and we high five. She also gets mad at Brayden if he tries to make a mess saying, "I just cleaned up in here!"

The picture is of the clean playroom. For some reason, it didn't download and I won't post it until I get off my lazy butt to get my camera. :)

September 18-Go Noles!!

Today FSU played BYU. Luckily, we won! The babies are true Seminole fans, and have been since they were born. One of Brayden's outfits in the hospital was an FSU onesie!! Here they are showing their Nole Support!!

September 17-Destin Seafood Festival

This weekend was the Destin Seafood Festival. The headliner tonight was Jefferson Starship! It was awesome to watch them and sing along with them. The best part was the babies!! They did SO AWESOME out there with all of the people looking at the crafts, eating dinner and singing and dancing!! One of the cool things they did was a montage of songs allllll the way back from the Grace Slick days with Jefferson Airplane. It was awesome.
Courtney and Ava sweating like crazy!

The problem with trying to take pictures of the babies and not face the stage while the music was playing is that they will watch the stage anyways. *sigh*

Ava on my shoulder watching and singing.

Brayden and mommy listening to the music!

September 16-tutu cute!

Ava's new ballet tutu!! (like she needs more?) Unfortunately, no ballet pictures because my camera batteries and phone were dead :(

September 15-new bed

I don't knonw how to change this, on the computer it's the right way. Anyways, Brayden laid on the steps, asked for covers and told me he was going "night night." He was so proud of his new bed, he stayed there for quite a while!

September 14-baking a cake

Ava decided that she wanted hot dogs in macaroni and cheese for dinner. She also asked her daddy if they could make a cake. Have you ever heard a daddy tell their daughter no? Yeah, me neither! So here they are, putting "sparkles" on the cake. They also had frosting and icing tubes. They were really proud of it!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

September 13-Playing hooky with Daddy

Matt had off today and took the babies to a new park. He said they had so much fun swinging and laughing their hearts out.

September 12-it's a wedding!

My sister is getting married September 25. I hadn't gotten my dress yet for various reasons, so finally we trucked it over to Pensacola in hopes that I could buy it off the rack. Luckily, they had both peices in the size that fits. Not the size I want, but it fits. The top ties different ways, which should be fun.

September 11-

First, let me say that I still remember. I remember where I was, I remember waking up and NOT hearing about it. I remember thinking it was a joke. I remember going to class and the campus literally being shut down. I remember going to my sorority house and gathering and crying and praying. I remember the scenes, the video and I remember the year later. Although I was not personally affected, something like this, that is a huge marker in our generation will not be forgotten and cannot NOT affect you.

Today I had my Comp 6 class for reading and it seems my treat for lunch is Tropical Smoothie. I love love love their smoothies. I worked there when I was in college and no other smoothie place is as good. There weren't any in Jacksonville and isn't one in Crestview, so I have to wait until I get to Fort Walton to get one! Yum!

September 10-Homecoming

Crestview High School's Homecoming came way early this year. I took the babies to the parade and it was hot hot hot. I thought they might have fun anyways, we missed the band (Ava's favorite part) but saw many of the other floats and the Homecoming court. Unfortunately, I put us right next to the football players who ended up getting into candy throwing fights with the people on the floats. This was fine until they got ahead of us and we were now in between them. My kids were getting pelted with candy.
This is the CAYA Cheerleaders float. One of Ava's ballet friends is in it. Her mom and I went to high school together.

However, once the football players left, candy was alllll over the place and the babies went nuts filling their bags!

September 9-Scavenger hunt

here are some of my kids finding and writing down the clues. I think they had fun, although it did get kind of hot. We were able to find all of them, and they thought the idea was good. It really didn't help them do well on the test though. :/

September 8-The Westing Game

In order to help my kids get prepared for their test on Friday, I decided to have them go on a scavenger hunt to find the answers. I cut clues from my Cricut and had another teacher place them around our campus. The students had a study guide and a list of objects to find. They went to find them and wrote down the answers that were on the back. I cut 24 total. I really wanted to have a picture of all of them.

September 7-Ole!

For whatever reason, we decided to make nachos. This is the outcome.
And for the record, there wasn't anything left when we got done.
And would anyone like to tell my why so many of my 365 pictures are of FOOD???

September 6-on the throne

I'm sure you think this is a terrible picture. But I think it's hilarious. She was going potty and I heard some rustling so I peeked in and she had this book with her reading it while she was doing her business. *sigh*

September 5-Collin Raye

Today is really Brayden's birthday! I can't believe it's been 2 years and I can't believe everything that has happened. I still remember the day I had him, I remember his first birthday and I remember finding out I was pregnant again. And to see the little boy he is becoming. Wow. He's a trip that's for sure!
We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast before Matt's grandparents left. We ran into some friends of my parents who treated Ava to a game of chess. I think this picture is absolutely hilarious.

Later that night Collin Raye was playing for free at the Destin Harbor. We took Matt's dad and stepmom to meet up with Courtney and her parents for the concert. It was really an amazing concert. He played a lot of his old and new songs. He talked a lot. A lot of kids were out front dancing their hearts away and he LOVED it. We were able to see him after the concert for pictures and an autograph! He actually had a conversation with us too, not just a hey thanks for coming. He really seemed like a genuine guy! Brayden got a picture with him with Brayden's Mimi, but it's on another camera :(

September 4-Happy Birthday, Brayden! (well, party)

Brayden's birthday party was today. I didn't really decorate, so I decided to do a bucket for him. This is what I did in 2 1/2 hours. I put it together superfast! But he was proud of it and here he is showing it off. this is his gift from his Great grandparents. Ava reacting to what it is when he finally gets it open! It's his very own tricycle!!! That he obviously couldn't wait to ride!Ava, the present pro, was on hand to help with any unwrapping or explaining. The hardest part about this whole process was keeping him from playing with everything right after he unwrapped it!V

September 3-Little Lizard

I was walking up the walkway to the front office to sign in this morning when I saw this little guy scampering across the sidewalk. Of course, what's a girl to do but TAKE A PICTURE?? And he sat there and let me. I Loved it. I hope you can really tell how little he is because he was tiny tiny.

September 2-Ballet again!

This is one of my favorite pictures and poses of Ava's. She does this so well. They have to put their foot in the crook of their leg and then put their "sunshines" way up and balance without using the bar. She's the fourth one back, third pink one. :)

September 1-marshmallows

My neighbor watched the kids for a little bit while my mom was at the doctor's. I went over to pick them up and they are eating marshmallows dipped in Nutella. Ok, fine, I know they aren't your kids, but whoa! :) But these aren't normal marshmallows, they aren't even the jumbo puffed ones. These are HUGE. See the pink thing on the counter? And the one in Ava's hand? Yeah. Awesome.

August 31-Lotto

For whatever reason, we think this is really cool. Matt loves scratch offs. I can't do them because I have bad luck. We have since found Tampa Bay and Miami too. But of course, we are partial to Jaguars because we used to live there! (and I think he did win!)

August 30-Poor baby

Brayden came home Friday with a boo boo in his ear. We couldn't get him in and he wasn't in screaming agony so we made it through the weekend until Monday. We took him to the doctor and sure enough, he had a middle ear infection. She said he probably had an inner ear too but because of all the gunk that the middle infection was creating she couldn't see. We got the sample stuff and free antibiotics from Publix (thank God for that). With one dose, he was doing MUCH better.

August 29-Yee Haw!?

Whenever Brayden has a hat on or he's straddling something he says, "Yee Haw!" But it comes out more like, "yuhAW!" It's hilarous. So they were playing with the Firehouse Subs hat and the basket. Why he put it on his head, only he knows, but of course in between "yeehaws" was "picture, mommy!"

August 28-Who is that??

When we went to visit Matt at work for breakfast, he put the headset on him and had the girls behind the counter talk to Brayden. He thought it was so cool although he couldn't figure who it was. We pointed out the girls but I don't know if he got that they were behind the counter but still talking to him!

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