Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 75: March 16 {new shoes}

**P.S.** I missed a day When I realized how serious I ended up taking this running thing, I realized I need new shoes. I also bought an iPod armband as well. These shoes are just from Walmart, and I like them so far. I want to get better ones (and am taking any and all suggestions) but for now they are fine.

Day 76: March 17 {Happy St. Patrick's Day!}

Although this post has NOTHING to do with it... *sorry*
I have recently begun running...Ok doing the Couch to 5K program. This is my route. It is 2 miles driveway back to driveway...
To the left is my set of townhouses. There is an access type road and I walk up that and around to the sidewalk. I pass by a middle school and an elementary school, take a turn around the backside of the elementary school and end the sidewalk.

Day 74: March 15 {fave craft tool}

One of the themes for this week was our favorite craft tool. I didn't want to be OBVIOUS and say my Cricut or my Gypsy, because they are my favorites. I don't craft much without them. Soooo...I chose my Xyron. I really like it because it has made putting things together so much easier. I have this one and a 2 inch "X" one. Both are purple :) They are especially helpful for small parts or even layers (*ahem* Disney characters). If you get the repositional cartridge, you can pull it up if you dont' like where it is. And I Have yet to have a problem with it ever coming up.

Day 73: March 14 {strong hands}

**Actual picture from our wedding**

This is a picture of Matt's hands as we were dancing our first dance. I was going to take a picture of his hands now, but I remembered I had this one and I wanted to use it. These hands have done a lot for our family and for me and they are definitely strong hands. They have had to hug me and hold me and pick me up for numerous reasons. They have been used for cooking, cleaning, yard work, writing, driving, holding and hugging babies.

They are the hands that hold our family together.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 72: March 13 {the hills are alive}

We walked up to the hospital to visit my mom. We thought she was going to get out today, but unfortunately, she didn't. Near the parking lot was a huge hill that my dad taught the kids how to roll down. We spent a few minutes letting them run up and roll down. Ava got the roll pretty good, Brayden kept going sideways. Seriously?? Who rolls SIDEWAYS on a hill?? My kid :)

Day 71: March 12 {beautiful day}

It was so gorgeous, we spent some time outside. Brayden and I laid out on a blanket and every once in a while Brayden would chase the carpenter bees. This is a shot I got of him actually sitting still.

Day 70: March 11 {sickness}

My mom was hospitalized with pneumonia on Tuesday. This is the hospital she was staying in. It was really scary for a little bit and I knew she was really sick when she didn't even want to see the babies.

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