Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 75: March 16 {new shoes}

**P.S.** I missed a day When I realized how serious I ended up taking this running thing, I realized I need new shoes. I also bought an iPod armband as well. These shoes are just from Walmart, and I like them so far. I want to get better ones (and am taking any and all suggestions) but for now they are fine.

Day 76: March 17 {Happy St. Patrick's Day!}

Although this post has NOTHING to do with it... *sorry*
I have recently begun running...Ok doing the Couch to 5K program. This is my route. It is 2 miles driveway back to driveway...
To the left is my set of townhouses. There is an access type road and I walk up that and around to the sidewalk. I pass by a middle school and an elementary school, take a turn around the backside of the elementary school and end the sidewalk.

Day 74: March 15 {fave craft tool}

One of the themes for this week was our favorite craft tool. I didn't want to be OBVIOUS and say my Cricut or my Gypsy, because they are my favorites. I don't craft much without them. Soooo...I chose my Xyron. I really like it because it has made putting things together so much easier. I have this one and a 2 inch "X" one. Both are purple :) They are especially helpful for small parts or even layers (*ahem* Disney characters). If you get the repositional cartridge, you can pull it up if you dont' like where it is. And I Have yet to have a problem with it ever coming up.

Day 73: March 14 {strong hands}

**Actual picture from our wedding**

This is a picture of Matt's hands as we were dancing our first dance. I was going to take a picture of his hands now, but I remembered I had this one and I wanted to use it. These hands have done a lot for our family and for me and they are definitely strong hands. They have had to hug me and hold me and pick me up for numerous reasons. They have been used for cooking, cleaning, yard work, writing, driving, holding and hugging babies.

They are the hands that hold our family together.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 72: March 13 {the hills are alive}

We walked up to the hospital to visit my mom. We thought she was going to get out today, but unfortunately, she didn't. Near the parking lot was a huge hill that my dad taught the kids how to roll down. We spent a few minutes letting them run up and roll down. Ava got the roll pretty good, Brayden kept going sideways. Seriously?? Who rolls SIDEWAYS on a hill?? My kid :)

Day 71: March 12 {beautiful day}

It was so gorgeous, we spent some time outside. Brayden and I laid out on a blanket and every once in a while Brayden would chase the carpenter bees. This is a shot I got of him actually sitting still.

Day 70: March 11 {sickness}

My mom was hospitalized with pneumonia on Tuesday. This is the hospital she was staying in. It was really scary for a little bit and I knew she was really sick when she didn't even want to see the babies.

Day 69: March 10 {more camera napping}

My phone was confiscated by a little man at ballet. It keeps him quiet for a little bit, but then I never know who he has taken pictures of, who he has called, or what he has said to anyone!

Day 68: March 9 {scary}

Today a bad storm rolled in. This is a screenshot of my phone's Weather Channel Map. The storm started around 11. 2 hours later it is still rolling in bad. We had tornadoes, flooding, hail, and we let the kids go home early. Our classrooms are actually portables, so we have no safe place to go. My kids were with a babysitter and my mom has been in the hospital since the day before. I was really scared, for some reason weather like this really worries me.
But we made it and we are ok :)

Day 67: March 8 {what I regret}

So lately I have been on a working out/ getting into shape deal so today's regret is definitely letting myself get this big: I also despise self portraits in the mirror, but I did it anyways.

Sorry you all have to see this. Not pretty, I know. Hopefully soon I will show you a better picture!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 66: March 7 {what I want}

These shorts. I wore them back in my skinny days. I had done Weight Watchers, made lifetime, even worked for them. I loved these shorts. I wore them tailgating every weekend with my FSU jersey.
Then I got pregnant. Not that I hate that but I do hate all the weight I've gained. And all I HAVEN'T done to fix it. Not even my wedding could get me skinny. All of a sudden, I'm a fanatic about working out.
I want to fit into these shorts.
The End.

Day 65: March 6 {what I miss}

I miss Jacksonville. For real. And I miss this place probably the most. This is the Landing, on the St. John's River in Downtown Jax. I miss it because that bridge lights up at night and is gorgeous. I miss it because we used to walk all over the streets with the babies. We have seen fireworks here, and bands upon bands. We had our Engagement pictures here and had our after wedding dinner here. There is a fountain where the babies played and during the Breast Cancer Marathon here, they dyed the water pink. I don't know how, but they did.
We've gone to the Paris Hilton club that was soon turned into a linedancing place. We went there too.
In Jacksonville, there was always something to DO. And you didn't have to go far. I had a Michael's, AC Moore, Joann's and a few Walmarts just about within spitting distance. Overall, I had about 4 Michael's, 2 AC Moore's and close to 5 Joann's. The scrapbook stores here? Huge. I had a lot of great friends here. Matt's family is here. My babies were born here.
I'm happy to be home and have the job I do, but sometimes, just sometimes, I want to go back. Maybe it's just a "grass is greener" thing? Who knows...

Day 64: March 5 {favorite drink}

Wierdest. Picture. Setting. Ever.
My refrigerator.
Good story. Really. Matt makes this awesome sweet tea. It's so simple, but for some reason, I can never replicate it (must be the whole "I suck at cooking thing...even tea?!?!). So here it is in our convenient spout container. Unfortunately it is about kid height so eagle eyes have to be on the fridge at all times. Or at least a kid. And the fridge is easier to watch...

Day 63: March 4 {sushi is yummy!}

So Matt and I have this place we love to go for sushi. It's called Bamboo and it's in a shopping center right near the house. They have a great blueberry beer and of course, saki bombs (shudder). What makes this place so great is the sushi chefs there. They are high-larious. For serious. I couldn't get a picture of all of them, this is Danny. They had only two, Mike being the other. Danny and Mike are brothers and own the place. When Melissa, Matt's sister came to visit, we ended up here. Thankfully she likes sushi. And funny sushi chefs. The fact that they are kinda cute doesn't hurt. Although these pictures are odd... (sorry so's only March)

I don't even know. I was trying for an action shot. And I got, well, an action shot apparently.

Day 62: March 3, 2011 {donuts are yummy.}

Oh goodness. If there is anything my kids like more than donuts, it might be me. Might. Getting ready for ballet turned into a process and it just overwhelmed the kids. They had to take a coffee break. Or donut break. Ava enjoys donuts with sparkles (sprinkles).We had to go through the whole freak out of not getting chocolate goodness on the ballet outfit and we did o.k. Then it was off to ballet and to wait for my sis and sister in law to show up for the weekend!

Day 61: March 2, 2011 {flowers!}

So a bad day it was. Around here, it seems like there are a lot of them. Matt leaves to get dinner and comes home with these babies. It's called a "Mardi Gras Mix" and I love them. The colors are bright and beautiful including that little pink feather duster. Yeah, I don't get it either. But it doesn't take away from the cuteness!!
This one is my favorite. It has pink tips and is HUGE. Love them. (and just FYI, they are still, March 16)

Day 60: March 1, 2011 {lifeline}

Ok, so, I live at Starbucks. Well, not really, but I'd like to. Or at least look into getting a live in barista. They have those right? No? Well, then. When dear husband goes shopping, this is what I get. It's not baaaad....But it's not Starbucks. I think he got the extra large so I would stay away from there. Or to make sure I don't run out anytime soon? Hmm...
I wanted to show the relation in size to the rest of my appliances in the kitchen. yeah, I do believe the can opener would fit inside. If the coffee wasn't in there. This is definitely a two handed operation to get this bad boy out of the cupboard. Awesome.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 59: February 28 {view from my back door}

This is the view from my back door. The kids playset, a fire pit (in the shadow), and the grill. It was another gorgeous day today, although it started a little chilly.

Day 58: February 27 {back to reality}

Getting ready to go, I took some pictures of the condo. This is the living area. The snack bar had director's chairs that the kids loved. This was taken at around 8:30 in the morning. The fog didn't lift until after 3 or so. We were really excited to watch the sunrise but, not happening!!

We went to the Bass Pro Shop on our way home. I had never been and had NO CLUE this huge fish tank was there. My son had no real problem. Freaky. And kinda gross.

Day 57: February 26 {playing tourist}

Saturday I did go to the condo and stay the night with my parents and the to kids. I took the kids down to the beach, it was a little late so it was a bit cold, and we stayed out of the water. It was awesome to watch the sun set and see the babies have so much fun.

Day 56: February 25 {beach view}

This is the beach from the balcony of the condo. Love it!

Day 55: {"vacation"}

My parents received a weekend at a condo in Destin, the Pelican Beach Resort. Destin is only 30 minutes away from us, but hey, a vacation is a vacation, right? This is the view from the front door. They were on the 16th floor. I didn't stay all weekend, but my kids did. This height made my toes curl and the pit of my stomach drop.

Day 54: February 23 {Daddy Love}

The kids can't stand for us to be laying or sitting on the floor without attacking us! Matt took the bait and they played horsey for what seemed live forever!

Day 53: February 22 {splurge!}

Because I was so excited that I finally got to go to Moe's (one of my favorite restaurants ever), it had to be my picture. I was taking a picture of my cup and you know my kids...they had to share their cups too. They behaved so well in the restaurant, because it was just me with them and Moe's is like a Subway but for burritos and stuff. I always call it a cross between a Taco Bell and Subway. We don't have one near us anymore so when we go to Ft. Walton, I really push to go there!

Day 52: {layout}

As it is right now, layouts often sit on my desk unfinished for days, sometimes weeks. I finally was able to put the finishing touches on this layout for Brayden's 2nd birthday. I used K and Company Dreams (I think that's the name) and Core'dinations for the title and tricycle. I stickled the red for the tricycle. I really like all the frames of Brayden opening his presents and Ava's reaction to him getting his own tricycle.

Day 51: February 20 {evidence}

Matt took the kids on a walk some time last week and told me about the beavers he thought lived by our house. (Ava is convinced JUSTIN Beaver lives there) So I took them to see if we could find anything. I did see these two stumps that were pretty telling, but alas, no Justin Beaver...

Day 50: February 19 {comfortable}

This is a terrible picture, I know. Ava took it. I wanted to take a picture of my Snuggie which I totally made fun of when I saw them first come out. Then I kept doing things and saying, "Man, I wish I had a Snuggie." So mom got me one for Valentine's Day. It's purple. Love it!

Day 49: February 18 {smiles}

Matt packed my lunch a couple of days this week and I would find little notes like this. I put this one in a folder I have with me every day. It's nice to open it up when I'm having a not so good day and see it. It means a lot. So simple. But so sweet!

Day 48: February 17 {free is good}

When I had my Scentsy party a few weeks back, I was able to get some free stuff because of my orders that were placed (yay!). This is my Plug in warmer and my scent, Satin Sheets. I think it's pretty and I love the scent. It smells up my entire house, all the way up the stairs!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 47: February 16, 2011 {the silver lining}

My grandfather (mom's dad) was taken to the ER early this morning after going into sugar shock. It was a scary situation for all of us, not knowing what was going on, my mom said he couldn't respond, was drooling and my grandmother was a mess. Ava and I went to visit him in the hospital this afternoon and as we were walking to his room, we passed this sign.

I couldn't help but giggle.

And take a picture.

He is feeling better, still running tests, and praying for everything to turn out well. Or at least to find some answers!

Day 46:February 15, 2011; {Something I love}

The tulips opened quickly! I took some pictures of them. They really are pretty. I don't get tulips much and I've come to realize how pretty they really are! Ava was looking at me funny and I asked her if she was ok. She said "yeah, the flower had thrown sand on her." I wasn't sure what she was talking about until I realized they were open. I asked if she had blown inside the flower. She told me she had.

Aha. Ava got pollen in her face. And it showed. But she's fine now!

Day 45: February 14, 2011 { Happy Valentine's Day!}

Happy Valentine's Day! This is Ava enjoying her gifts from the day. My mom got us tulips and Matt's grandparents sent the babies a package. Each of them got a monkey and a little animal gift box with chocolate covered animal crackers! There was a card for each of them and a beautiful butterfly wind chime for Matt and me. I hung it up outside and think it will be nice to hear it "chime" with out windows open upstairs in our bedroom. After this picture, Matt came home with baloons and Brayden woke up.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 44: February 13, 2011 {new workout}

I downloaded a new app for my phone called Nike Training Club. I did my first workout today. It lasted 30 minutes and it HURT. It really has been that long, huh?? I liked this app for quite a few reasons. It was only 30 minutes, I was able to do it inside, in fact, in my HALLWAY. I liked how every minute or so the activity changed. It gave me time to catch my breath but keep the intensity pretty high. If I didn't know how to do an activity, it gave me a video of how to do it. It paused the timer and I was able to watch the video and then go back to the workout. It also allowed me to use my iPod OR I could even have Pandora playing (which I did, with my 80s station rocking). The voice would count down, give some pointers on how to do the activity properly and even had a few words of encouragement. The warm up and cool down stretches were included in the 30 minutes. It tracks how long you work and you unlock different "awards" at different intervals. The app has different levels and different goals, "Get Lean," (the one I did today), "Get Toned," "Get Strong," or "Get Focused." From there, they have different routines you can choose from. The one I choose was Sweat+Shape. It was the first one.
Now, hopefully I can keep this up!

Day 43: February 12, 2011 {Spaghetti at the Reeds}

Have you ever tried to feed toddlers spaghetti? If yes, these pictures are familiar. If not, let them be a warning...

And THAT'S why they are stripped down to diapers. Straight to the bath with them!!

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