Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 47: February 16, 2011 {the silver lining}

My grandfather (mom's dad) was taken to the ER early this morning after going into sugar shock. It was a scary situation for all of us, not knowing what was going on, my mom said he couldn't respond, was drooling and my grandmother was a mess. Ava and I went to visit him in the hospital this afternoon and as we were walking to his room, we passed this sign.

I couldn't help but giggle.

And take a picture.

He is feeling better, still running tests, and praying for everything to turn out well. Or at least to find some answers!


~BridgetL~ said...

Jenn, Im glad to hear hes doing better. nothing scarier than when their sugars crash. Robert is a diabetes specialist. So I hear and have seen a lot.

Lynn said...

Jenn, I am glad to here his doing better! I'll bet that was pretty scarey!

Mandy said...

So glad to hear he is better.

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