Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 16-The Zoo

We are lucky in that the Zoo that had previously closed due to funding was reopened in April. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done, but we still had a lot of fun. Ava wearing one of the masks they had for sale. We almost couldn't get her to take them off!
This was really fun for me (and yes, I tried it too). They had painted measurements on teh sidewalk and then pawprints where a kangaroo, tree frog and cougar, I think, would land. So Ava and I practiced going up and down to see how far we could go.

This was in the petting zoo. That little goat, Richard, just hangs out wherever he pleases.

These two cracked me up. As soon as I pulled out my camera, the red one started posing and posturing. Oh yes. Hilarious.

This is the picture I'm using for today. All around they had these little cutouts to put your head in. the kids loved them!!

July 15-summer storm

These happen daily just about here. This one was particularly rough, with loud thunder and hard rain. Brayden fell asleep and when I went to put him down for his nap, I walked back in to see Ava staring out the window just watching.


July 14-a new job

This morning I got a phone call from the principal at Okaloosa Academy. He didn't say I had the job but he asked me to come by the school when I had a chance. I dropped the kids off with my mom (thank you!) and headed over. He showed me around the school and finally mentioned that I had the job. I wasn't sure what he was doing until that point! Hooray!! He said he wanted me to come see the school and hear what he had in mind before I really decided to take the job. He also gave me the task of developing the reading program from the ground up. Yeah. No pressure! But I'm excited!! Back in the classroom I go!!

July 13-Daddy's job

When I work nights, Daddy is the parent in charge at home. Sometimes it's a little scary! :) No, he really does a good job. Like when he gives them a bath...Well, at least they got a bath! :)

July 12-Ice cream!

Sometimes Matt brings home ice cream from Sonic. I usually get the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. He surprised me with a Campfire Blast. Yummy!! It had graham cracker ice cream and chocolate covered marshmallows!! How cool is that?!?! He knows I love smores too. *sigh*

July 11-Jimmy Buffett!

FINALLY! It is time for us to go see Jimmy Buffett. Over the past week, Zac Brown Band and Kenny Chesney backed out due to prior engagements. It was a bummer, but still, Jimmy Buffett for free, you can't beat it. We dropped the kids off at my parents' house and made our way to Gulf Shores. We were determined not to be rushed, not to stress out and just enjoy the entire time. We couldn't check into the hotel just yet so we just went down to the beach. We found this 4th floor BBQ bar that was really fun and not all that crowded. It was only as we were leaving that someone told me it had an elevator. Yeah. Thanks. (we had left it once and came back). As we were sitting on the balcony, who drives by? None other than Jimmy himself!!! It was really neat and I was able to snap a quick picture.
Unfortunately, Courtney and Matt couldn't make the new date BUT we were excited that Michelle and her Matt could! So they finally showed up and off to the concert we went! One thing that really amazed me about being here was the people. Everyone was so laid back, nice and just really relaxed. No one was rude, no one was pushy, everyone was just there for one reason: to have a good time.

July 10-apples

Brayden loves to get apples out of the fridge. If we aren't careful, he will eat the whole thing, stem to seeds. When Ava first started eating apples, that's how she did it too.

July 9-Messy messy

Earlier in the year I shared a picture of the babies' playroom as I had just set it up. This is what it looks like on a daily basis. We work on cleaning things up and I tell them to only play with one thing, but sometimes it seems like they just dump everything out just to dump everything out. Sheesh. I just keep the door closed.

July 8-Another picnic!

I took the babies on another picnic today. This time we sat at a picnic table and did NOT walk around the lake. We brought Cosmo with us and packed him a lunch too. A family who was taking a break from house hunting came to eat at the same pavilion. As they were leaving Ava says, "thank you for having lunch with us!"

July 7-Interview

I had an interview for Okaloosa Academy today. After a lot of emails and having to answer quite a few written questions and finally came! I spent yesterday looking for a nice outfit and Matt bought this for me.

The interview was pretty intimidating, I was interviewed by 6 guys, all principals and site administrators of ALL of the Academies run through this company. But I made it through!

July 5-FLAT ME'S!!

Everyone is here! I took the "flat girls" with me to the beach. I thought it would be neat to have them showcased where I love to be! Some ladies even asked if I was a school teacher. Which I said yes to, but explained that friends and I had made paper dolls of ourselves and then took pictures when we got them. Just a fun little swap! This was one of the coolest things I've been a part of!

July 5-Ava's tower

Ava built me this beautiful tower of blocks all by herself. The destruction was caused by her brother. She made sure I kept it in my room for almost a week. In fact, I think I had to sneak it back into the playroom while she was taking a nap!

July 4-Happy Independence Day!

We were invited to Sherene's house for food and fireworks. I have known Sherene and her family since high school. We even roomed together freshman year of college. The food was incredible! Brayden loved watching the fireworks, but Ava wasn't too happy with them. She decided she would rather sit inside and watch them on TV.

July 3-Cosmo

Cosmo is a pretty relaxed dog, and here he is relaxing on our pillows. Of course, Daddy is NOT home right now! :)

July 2-Posing babies

We went to the mall for a little bit today. When we stopped at Old Navy, the kids had

a field day! They both hugged all of the mannequins at the front of the store and then ran to this one and grabbed its hands. "Take a picture!" they said. How could I resist?

July 1-Let's Bowl!

We were able to get a sitter for the kids and we went out bowling with Matt and Courtney. We did ok, it's been a long time since any of us have bowled. Matt (my Matt) has quite an interesting lead up to letting the ball go. Ever seen Fred Flintstone and his twinkle toes? Yeah. That's Matt.

June 29-It's Slinky, it's Slinky!

The babies received slinkies from my mom. I showed them how to use them down the stairs and that entertained them for quite a while!

June 28-New tickets

We found out today that the Jimmy Buffett concert was being postponed because of Hurricane Alex. It was moved to July 11. I had to reprint the tickets, but luckily I was still able to keep them!!

June 27-sticker design

I gave Ava some old scrapbook stickers that I don't think I will use and haven't for years. She puts them everywhere, although we have the talk that they go only on paper every time she plays with them. What I love about this picture is that she used the stickers to "color" the image. Or that's what it looks like to me!

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