Monday, December 27, 2010

November 7

Ava got a hold of my camera and took a million pictures. These are five of them. I printed them out so we can scrapbook them together. She was so excited and proud. We are looking to get her her own camera to take pictures with.

November 6

Matt's mom brought the babies power wheels and they spend ALL AFTERNOON driving around and around and around.

November 5

Went to scrapbook with Courtney!! This is all the stuff I packed. Can you believe I still forgot things?


November 4

This is my favorite thing at ballet. They gallop around the rehearsal room. It's so adorable.

November 3

This is Brian, my husband's boyfriend...:) haha. He came to visit after spending a loooong time in Colorado. Here he is putting dishes away at our house! :)

November 2

This is where the babies go to school. We love it and they do too!!

November 1

I got a Gypsy!!

October 31

Trick or Treating!! When I decided to dress the kids up as Pebbles and BamBam, I thought it would be super cute to do the whole Flintstone family! So we did. :) At first, Brayden didn't understand what was going on, but once he figured out he could get candy, we couldn't keep up with him!

October 30

Publix had a trick or treating thing at their store. The seafood dept had fishing for candy. How cute!! Ava even won free ice cream at the ring toss! After, we went downtown for a Fall Festival.

October 29

One of my friends had a Halloween costume party. This is her neice, Arden, with Brayden and Ava. Arden's mom was on of my best friends in high school and now the girls are in ballet together!

October 28

I just remember driving past the bank and it being close to 60 degrees and thinking, "holy crap, it's getting cold!"

October 27

We took the kids to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins. They had a few fun things, including shopping carts. How much fun was that? That was, by far, the best part if you ask my kids!

The SWAT team came to do a demonstration at the school for the kids. This is the dog sniffing for drugs. The students really thought it was neat. They had all of their weapons too!

October 26

Keeping with the reusable bags...Publix had mini ones and the kids liked them. So I got them so they could use them for trick or treating.

October 25

My Halloween Candy village. I'm only missing a few peices!

October 24

I reorganized my desk...and thought I would take a picture of it :) The baby Cricut looks so small MUST be time to upgrade, right?

October 23

My parents had a mini car show at the Winery near here. We went up there to see them af. nd enjoy the stuff. This is a train. BUT it's really a GRILL!!! Awesome.

October 22

My middle schoolers have been reading the book Hoot by Carl Hiaasan. They really enjoyed it and I was able to find a guy to come talk to my kids. The book is about a group of burrowing owls in danger because a restaurant wants to open on their habitat. 3 kids help bring awareness to them and stop the process. Here in our area, we have one of the only groups of Florida Burrowing Owls on the Eglin Range. It was cool that he came and brought slides and info for my kids. And surpringly, they enjoyed it and asked great questions!

October 21

We had a pomegranate for the first time in any of our lives. It was quite good. Just a crazy process to get the thing ready to eat!

October 20

My yummy new clothes from Beall's Outlet. All this for super cheap! Hooray!

October 19

Dear Publix,
Thank you for your Publix Apron Meals.
It's a chicken ravioli florentine, I think!

October 18

It's rare that I use scrapbooking layouts for P365 but I couldn't resist with this one. This page is from my Rock the Dress album from my wedding. It was already done, but plain with just the matting and the pictures. I got the Rock Princess Cricut cartridge and this girl was on it. Perfect, right?? and I blinged it up with glitter like crazy. I couldn't help it. I love love love it. I ended up redoing a lot of layouts because I used mostly the Rock Star DCWV paper and the cartridge was awesome with it.

October 17

Got a little obsessive about the reusable bags at Publix. I love them. They are so cute. I use the coffee one for school. I just have to remember to bring them with me to SHOP!

October 16

My kids have no fear. Granted, the gator did have his mouth taped. But I'm not really sure it would have mattered. They also had snakes and other creepy crawlers.

Yay blow up slides!

And a ferris wheel ride. That I was freaked out about more than I enjoyed!

One thing we love is funnel cake. And this time we got it with cinnamon! Yum!

This was all at the Mullet Festival (about the fish, not the hair...:))

October 14

They put glass up! I guess we were too distracting ;/ haha

October 13

My princess in her new Sleeping Beauty dress!

October 12

These are the flowers we got for Matt's birthday. They are garnet and gold!

October 11

Matt's company, Whataburger, had their Employee Appreciation party at Flounder's in Pensacola. They had orange cotton candy and I thought this "Man Eating Clam" was hilarious.

October 10

Our newest addition to the playroom. We found it at a garage sale for $15! Couldn't pass it up!

October 9

Michelle, her new husband, Matt, me, my husband Matt, Courtney, and her husband, Matt. Yep. It's true.

My sister, and our husbands

One of my best friends (this is a picture of all four of us) got married in the Bahamas in August. She had a reception tonight for everyone to get together and celebrate. It was tons of fun and so glad to see her so happy.

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