Friday, March 26, 2010

March 25 egg hunt

Ava had an Easter Egg Hunt at school on Wednesday. This was her haul...not bad for her first one, I think!! I know she had a ton of fun too!!

March 24 Mr. Potato Head

Brayden brought me these glasses and insisted I put them on him...They are from the Mr. Potato Head. He walked around for quite a while with them on and had no problems. Crazy boy.

March 23 time is on my side.

Or my refrigerator's side. Whatever. I made these schedules using Designer's Calendar and my Cricut. I had to do 24 hours because of Matt's Whataburger schedule that sometimes has him working overnights or starting really early. I didn't do anything but write the different things on pieces of paper and just move them as the schedule needs. I Know it seems a little excessive but it's something I need, especially to know when our work overlaps so I know when I need to bring the babies to my parents' house. I still want to laminate the days and the pieces because the painter's tape isn't working well :) (I have since switched to scotch tape).

March 22 lunch time. Or nap time?

Brayden was eating lunch, sharing it with Cosmo and having an all around good time. All of a sudden, it was quiet. "Bubba," I said, "you ok?" and I turned around to see this...Apparently he was just fine.

March 21 Laundry

I feel like laundry is a chore that is never done. And I'm not sure why. This is the laundry basket with the clean clothes. I don't want to show you the one with the dirty clothes. We all only wear one outfit a day. Or at least I think how is it that I'm washing clothes every single day, multiple times a day?!?! Who is sneaking their clothes into my house???

March 20 self portrait

I was getting ready to go out with some friends when Ava wanted a picture of us. So we took one while looking in the mirror at the viewfinder.

March 19 " gave me a lemur!" "We sell lemurs here?

I'm not even sure I Know what a lemur is!"

Ahh...Mr. Magorium. One of Ava's favorite movies. It really is a good movie. Simple, but at the same time so complex. The point of that is this:
Brayden with a lemur!! One of the things I noticed with this zoo is that the zookeepers interact a lot with the animals. The woman even went to play with the lion too. But at the same time, how cool is it that Brayden got to pet one. He wanted to hold it!
The black bear, which for some reason I Thought was really cool.
The white tiger, pacing.
This little monkey was crazy. And by crazy I mean CUH RAY ZEE. Holy goodness. He was jumping and screeching and just trying to scare us. So of course, we just stood there and watched :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 18 {Petting zoo!}

Ava's school brought in a petting zoo today and although she only goes Monday and Wednesday they let her come today to visit with the animals. The cooler thing was that since I had to be there they let me bring Brayden too. I couldn't believe how easy it was for them to feed the animals, pet them, and hold them. They were naturals! Ava was a little nervous at first but when she finally fed the goat and he didn't hurt her it was game over. Brayden even held a bunny! Ava tried but it was a little skiddish and it scared her a little. So she sat next to Bubba as he held it. Tomorrow it's the zoo!!!

March 17-{Hot Dog!}

What is this you ask? It's gross, really, I Know. They are (were) hot dogs. My wonderful Little Man demolished them at the grocery store trying to eat through the package and just squeezing them. Not sure why...but every time we tried to take them to try to salvage them, he screamed. So, for the sake of the other shoppers, our sanity and at the expense of a package of hot dogs, we let him hold them. Telling the story is probably telling on myself, but I figure there are battles with my children I have to choose and ones I have to let go.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 16 {Cosmo's home!!!!}

No picture of the human babies, but a picture of the furbaby!! We kept waiting to bring Cosmo to the new house because we were afraid he would "bless" it. My parents had him at their house for the past month. It killed me to go see him when I would pick up the kids and then leave him. He would jump and wag his tail and be so excited to see me and I would have to leave him. Finally, Matt said to pick him up on my way home from work. We have his cage, so he are going to retrain him to stay in a crate. He was crate trained when he was younger and then I spoiled him. We brought him in and he ran crazy sniffing all over the place. I think he might have been confused by the new house smell and the old "our stuff" smell. He's finally calmed down and is laying with us on the couch.

March 15 {aftermath}

Today was picture day for Ava. We picked out her pretty purple dress, found some white tights because it was a little chilly and she put on her purple jelly sandals. I did her hair and she looked so so pretty. I tried the entire time she was home to take her picture and she hid. It wasn't until bath time after she had pulled out her hair, got holes in her tights and decided to add the pink skirt that she allowed a picture to be taken. So we will all have to wait until the pictures to come back to see what she looked like before!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 14 {bath time all the time!}

Bubba loves baths. Sometimes he just loves being in the tub. Well, he will go into the tub whenever he can. While I was on the phone, he climbed into the tub and grabbed the roller soap. Of all the times he was unable to open it, this time he got it open. And rolled it alllll over him. You can kind of see it on his pink, rosy cheeks. And it was on his tummy. And his arms. And his legs. Sheesh...

March 13 {Pooh reading Pooh}

This was Ava's Halloween costume in 2008. I put it in their playroom closet because you just never know. She put the head and feet on (she somehow pulled it down) and brought the body to me to put on. She thought she was hilarious. They then both climbed up into the rocking chair to read Tigger and Pooh.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 12 {Who?}

I think this outfit is hilarious. I think it has something to do with the red glitter pants. Ava got this shirt from her aunt (she also received a KISS one too) and I had the red pants for a while. Just couldn't find anything to put them with. I couldn't help but to put this together. And she loves it! And really, she did watch The Who during the Superbowl, so she kind of knows who she is promoting!

March 10 {Daddy and Bubba}

After we took Ava to school we went to McDonald's for breakfast. Little Man had a sausage biscuit and didn't eat the biscuit part...until Daddy put jelly on it! This is the two of them sharing the biscuit.

Friday, March 12, 2010

March 11 {hard worker}

Ava kept trying to sit at my desk while I was trying to work so I found this lap desk for her to sit on the floor next to me and draw. Little Man was just being silly. I know most kids love drawing but Ava really just enjoys scribbling on paper! She's gotten really good with her colors and shapes. We are working on recognizing her name in writing.

March 9 {playtime!}

So just have to toot my mommy horn right here. See this thing? I put it together by myself. Well, almost. My neighbor has an 18 month old daughter (2 weeks younger than Little Man) and they all wanted to slide. I had to it together for the sake of all of us. She came over to help and the worst part was that blasted tunnel! And wouldn't you know...the past few days have been wet and rainy. Awesome.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 8 {WHAT a Burger!}

Matt starts his new job tomorrow so I picked up his shirts for him on the way home. I took a few of the shirts, but didn't like the way they came out, so I took a picture of him ironing. I had to keep him out, because, well, he was a little underdressed for a picture. :) He really didn't want me to take a picture but I wanted to! And it was getting late, the day was almost over!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7, 2010 {squeak}

Let me tell you about these shoes...when Little Man was, well, littler, a friend gave me these shoes because her son couldn't wear them. Little Man was too little to wear them yet. When we moved, they were packed away. It was beautiful so I though it would be nice for him to wear these shoes and get some use out of them before he outgrows them. You know, like in the next day or two. So I put them on and walk away to grab something. Outside my bedroom door I hear squeaking and Ava is laughing like someone is tickling her. It stops, Little Man giggles and then the squeaking and Ava's laughing commences. So I go to check to see what he's playing with and he has nothing. He is jumping and dancing and throwing his legs around like crazy and with each slam to the ground a squeak comes from his shoe and fresh laughs from Ava. The shoes squeak. Squeak. Every time he takes a step. Every time. At the store the ladies giggled and said, "well, you will always know where he is." Yes, yes you are right. I told them that by the time I had figured out what it was, so had he and he wasn't taking those shoes off for nothing. He got mad when he had to take a bath!!

And they have a website: But that didn't clue me in to the shoes actually squeaking at all. Naive? That's me. Thanks, "friend." :)

March 6, 2010 {duck!}

In case I haven't shared enough of our new house with you, I introduce you to the bathroom! Well, the kids' bathroom anyways. Many years ago, before Ava was born, there was a duck who moved into the bathroom at my apartment in Jax. And the obsession was born. Many of these ducks were gifts from people who came over, saw the ducks and decided to add to them. We have a lot. I know. But, well, the kids love to play with them in the tub! I'm constantly on the lookout for new ducks. Party City is the best, especially for the little ducks. The ones with sunglasses came from my aunt who does a charity duck race and kept the ducks for Ava. We even have a Peeps shaped one!

Friday, March 5, 2010

March 5, 2010 {Easter decorations}

I found these foam eggs and decorations at Joann's and at 40% off thought this would be a fun project for Ava. She was really excited to get going on them and we sat at the table and she decorated quite a few. Interestingly enough, most of the ones she worked on were decorated with the same color. Unless they were stacked super high! I thought these would be easy for her and somewhat clean as we didn't need glue, they were stickers! Hooray!!

March 4, 2010 {Sick Little Man}

Brayden wasn't feeling well yesterday, he would play for a little bit and then I would turn around and he would just be curled up laying down. He had a little bit of a fever, and I'm thinking it might have been caused by him teething. Although he was sick, he would still do ridiculously cute things. When he wanted to rest, he would crawl up onto the couch and pull the blanket up to his chin and just lay down for a few minutes.

March 3, 2010 {a boy and his orange}

Today was the first day Brayden really got to get out of the cart and walk around the grocery store. He was pointing out all sorts of things and helping pick out groceries to put in the cart. One thing he chose was an orange. He kept calling it a "ball" and every now and then tossing it at someone to play catch with. Surprisingly, he has a pretty good arm. But it was hard enough getting him to give the lady the orange to ring up. He fell asleep in the car....with his orange close by.

March 2, 2010 {abstract art}

If ever I Thought this was the end, it would be today. I went to the bathroom and the babies found paint. They were painting one of the boxes that we had emptied out. Unfortunatlye, it got on the carpet and the walls. The bad part of it was that when I went to clean the carpet the tiny spots became large blobs. I could get the paint off of the walls, but it would take the wall paint off too. I know we can paint over it. The worst part? I put them in the half bath to get them off the carpet and they put more paint on those walls than had been put on the living room walls. And if you could see Brayden face to face, you'd laugh. Or cry. Like I did. And see the water? I hadn't even started scrubbing yet. I wasn't even sure I wanted to take the picture. But I figured this happened today, so why not be my picture??

March 1, 2010 {salvation}

Oh sweet salvation! It's not a whole room but it is the one place that is all mine! Not that I get to spend much time here but sometimes it's enough just to sit here! When we moved in, it was one of the first things I put together and I did it by myself. I missed not having to dig through things for my scrapbooking stuff and I Love having my Cricut right in front of me.

February 28, 2010 {Thing 1 and 2}

My sister's husband (so my brother in law) is in the Navy. He is currently out to sea and will be there until at least August. She is having a rough time, but loves to buy Navy stuff. :) So that means my children get Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts in Navy colors. I have read a few articles concerning his ship and I Know he is in treacherous waters. We are all hoping and praying for a safe (and SOON) return.

February 27, 2010 {Nighty night!}

Since the babies share a toyroom, they have to share a bedroom. I was a little apprehensive about it and the only real problem I see is getting them to sleep. But it's nice having them both together, checking on both at the same time, reading them both a good night story and having all of their toys in one room and their clothes and beds in another.

February 26, 2010 {Playtime!}

The babies' toyroom all put together! Yay! Now to make sure it stays that way...well, most of the time at least! Luckily, we had more storage for toys than toys. But that DOES NOT mean they need more toys, trust me! They have a closet full of stuffed animals and puzzles, games, and baby dolls. They spend most of their time playing together anyways, so I think sharing a room will be fun for them.

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