Friday, March 5, 2010

March 5, 2010 {Easter decorations}

I found these foam eggs and decorations at Joann's and at 40% off thought this would be a fun project for Ava. She was really excited to get going on them and we sat at the table and she decorated quite a few. Interestingly enough, most of the ones she worked on were decorated with the same color. Unless they were stacked super high! I thought these would be easy for her and somewhat clean as we didn't need glue, they were stickers! Hooray!!


~BridgetL~ said...

oh she's so cute. Man I totally forgot Easter is coming up. I better get my decorations out soon.

Kelly said...

I was inspired by you and went and got a kit to make an Easter wreath for me and my daughter to do. Thanks for the idea!

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