Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7, 2010 {squeak}

Let me tell you about these shoes...when Little Man was, well, littler, a friend gave me these shoes because her son couldn't wear them. Little Man was too little to wear them yet. When we moved, they were packed away. It was beautiful so I though it would be nice for him to wear these shoes and get some use out of them before he outgrows them. You know, like in the next day or two. So I put them on and walk away to grab something. Outside my bedroom door I hear squeaking and Ava is laughing like someone is tickling her. It stops, Little Man giggles and then the squeaking and Ava's laughing commences. So I go to check to see what he's playing with and he has nothing. He is jumping and dancing and throwing his legs around like crazy and with each slam to the ground a squeak comes from his shoe and fresh laughs from Ava. The shoes squeak. Squeak. Every time he takes a step. Every time. At the store the ladies giggled and said, "well, you will always know where he is." Yes, yes you are right. I told them that by the time I had figured out what it was, so had he and he wasn't taking those shoes off for nothing. He got mad when he had to take a bath!!

And they have a website: But that didn't clue me in to the shoes actually squeaking at all. Naive? That's me. Thanks, "friend." :)


Debbie L said...

How fun is that!!! Great picture and great concept of squeaking shoes for little guys! Might need some of those for my DH who sometimes walks so quietly & scares me!

~BridgetL~ said...

ha ha that funny. I would go nuts with the shoes squeaking all the time. :)

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