Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 29: January 29, 2011 {best friend}

Courtney's birthday SURPRISE! Her Matt broght some decorations over so we got to the restaurant a bit early to set up. Some of her teacher friends and our mutual friends were all there to celebrate. I was really worried we wouldn't pull this off and at the last minute she would figure it out. Everyone was there, waiting on her. She had helped her parents move that day and when Matt went to pick her up and she was just going to pull her hair back and go to dinner. They were able to convince her to shower, she'd feel better! haha. She came in and walked around the corner and it didn't seem like it registered what was happening at first. Finally, she figured it! We were all there for HER party! We had a great time singing karaoke, visiting and getting her to do as many of her 30 dares as possible! Even some of her friends from college came to help celebrate. Awesome! Her husband had one of his band kids make this cake for her in Gator colors. The best part? The girl is going to FSU next year so on the back she wrote "Go Noles!" Courtney ended up peeling off that part. Brat. But we had so much fun and I'm glad she had a good time too!

Day 28: January 28, 2011 {color}

Courtney's birthday party is Saturday and I made her this centerpiece. I've done a couple of them and they are really a lot of fun. Tiring and takes a lot of time, but it is also something I can do in spurts if I need to. I have arranged and rearranged it a million times but I think I'm happy with it.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 27: January 27 {unexpected}

Our Science teacher has a rat for the kids to help take care of and just watch in general. His name is Einstein. The kids came to see him before Christmas and he was super small. In two weeks he grew HUGE. I brought the kids by to see him today and Brayden loved holding him. Ava would pet him but not hold him.
This is the English teacher. Hopefully it's a better picture of how long the rat really is. I picked unexpected because we really didn't expect him to grow this big!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 26: January 26 {bubble day 2}

I was giving the kids a bath today and looked on the sink in their bathroom. I knew I already had a bubble picture, but I couldn't help taking another one. FOUR BOTTLES OF BUBBLE BATH?!?!?! Really? Yeah...really...

Day 25: January 25 {bubble}

When I picked this prompt, I didn't realize I had this...then I saw it and was like wooo hooo!! I did try it in the bathtub but I couldn't get a good picture of the bubbles. They did glow in the dark but they disappeared quickly :(. So I took a picture of the bottle. Because it glows so well!! I did have to fix the exposure on picnik, but I still wanted to share it!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 24: January 24 {comfort}

It's my week for prompts so I figured that since I made them up, maybe I should follow them. I'm loving the prompts of my fellow 365ers!! This prompt, today, is comfort. I choose this pink body pillow. When I was pregnant with Ava, Matt bought it as a Christmas present for me. It was awesome. So much so that 4 years later, I still have it. AND still use it! It's on our bed every night. Sometimes the kids can get it away from me, but not often!
And please excuse the picture quality. My camera batteries are out and my phone is tempermental. Some days it takes awesome pictures. Other days, I get this.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 23: January 23 {scentsy!}

4 One of my friends became a Scentsy consultant and we decided to have a "basket party." It is a party on the go, sort of! I can carry around all of the little scented testers and have people order, and I close the party on the 31. People can order at any time during then and it just works better so I don't have to have people find time to come to my house, it gives a chance for people out of town to order things, and I can carry it with me all over! Smelling them all does make me a bit dizzy but some of them are really good!!

Day 22: January 22 {tiny}

It could be tiny AND sweet! This cake was made for my mom for her birthday. We went to a local pizza place and some of her Mustang club came to celebrate. This looks exactly like her Mustang that she puts in shows! (except for the reese's cup wheels!)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 21: January 21 {Pop!}

One of our family's favorite snacks is popcorn. It's cheap and easy and we can all share it!

Day 20: January 20 {rough}

If you were with me last year, you've seen this guy. In pretty bad shape then, but much better than he is now. Nemo has now lost all of his fins and stuffing is coming out in globs. It was put up so he couldn't get to it and I took it down to take the picture. As soon as I did he went into protective mode and I couldn't get a good pic without him!
This is the post to see Nemo a year ago!

Day 19: January 19 {smooth}

I have never really been one to "fall in love" with a body wash. I like the fragrances at BBW and Victoria's Secret but I'll just as quickly use Dial or whatever is in the bathroom. I got this mini bottle in my stocking at Christmas. I've used it and I love it. I love it. I love it. It's got body polishing sugar scrub something or another, and it smells heavenly. When I took the picture I realized that the little ribbon of color on the bottle makes the shape of a little red dress. aw. :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 18: January 18 {my favorite shoes}

I love random prompts, especially on days that I haven't taken a picture yet! And today I used one of our prompts, "My favorite shoes." This should come as no surprise to my P365 friends that these flip flops are my favorite. I will wear them everywhere. Even if they don't match! They are worn out, a little (lot) faded, and perfectly fit my feet!

Day 17: January 17 {sweet}

Today was our 2 year anniversary! This is us ready for dinner!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16: January 16 {overdrive}

Today was a beautiful day and although I spent some of it inside trying to get some scrapping done, I went to my parents' house later. The kids were, of course, outside playing. We ran around, played catch, monster, and rode in the car. We need a new battery for it so you know what that means...Opa gets to push!!!

Layout-Brayden's first hair cut

We finally cut Brayden's hair for the first time ever. It was really long. Well, too long for a boy, I guess...Anyways, I have more pictures I want to scrap, but this is the main page. I used a sketch from an old pagemaps, I think. The title is cut from Robotz, welded on my Gypsy. If you ask him what happened to his hair, he responds with, "um, the lady cut it." So I thought that would be a cute title. The plane is from Mickey and Friends and I used a white gel pen to just add a few things here and there. The scissors are from Happily Ever After and welded with my Gypsy. I'm thinking I should add "before" and "after" with these two pictures? But I kind of like it.
I'm trying to get more elaborate with my scrapping, but I just can't. Either my brain can't think that way or I'm scared. It's a little of both, really. I'm so linear when it comes to these things, flowers, brads and buttons escape me!

Day 15: January 15 {Shhhh...}

The babies played hard all day and ran downstairs. I followed to see them watching Yo Gabba Gabba. I sat with them and withing minutes they were both passed out.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 14: January 14 {Frost}

See? Florida DOES get frost. It was 17 degrees when I left the house this morning. Too cold for me, thanks!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 13: January 13 {excitement!}

When Michael's had their cartridges for $9.99, I called everywhere. Our Michaels had started their sale Saturday and were cleared out. I called a few in Jacksonville to see if they had any and of the five stores, one had TWO Pooh and Friends. I called my sister in law andnd she said she could go the next day. By then they had ONE. She got it and today I picked it up from my mom. I'm so excited!!

Day 12: January 12 {amazed}

I printed pictures from Walgreens so I could get stuff going. I want to finish P365 2010. But this is the stack of pictures. Really? What am I going to do???

Day 11: January 11 {family...}

Today Brayden cut his lip. Terrible. Courtney (my BFF) was on the phone and Brayden came out saying, "mommy, boo boo" and I turned and he was covered in blood. Scary Mommy Moment for sure!

Day 10: January 10 {Success!}

Congrats to the University of Auburn on the 2010 National Championship win! I didn't know who to root for when the game first started but I knew I would do it subconciously as the game went on. And I did. I really cheered for Oregon! I know, a Southern girl, rooting for who? Anyways, the day was almost over, the game WAS over, why not? This is Cam Newton. With confetti stuck to his head! Looks like it's me interviewing him, right? hahaha

Day 9: January 9 {amazed)

My daughter is 3 years old. She knows how to work my phone. She can unlock it and find the folder that has all of her games.

Day 8: January 8 {Zhu-ooom!}

When looking for Christmas presents, I came across the Zhu Zhu pet aisle and sat there for close to 30 minutes trying to decide if I should get them or not. I got really excited looking at them! My sister and I texted each other and she found a ton of stuff and I bought Ava a Princess one and Brayden's is the one on the left. His name is Stinker. Trust me, appropriate! I bought one for my sister and my sister bought me one for Christmas! Mine is named Cappuccino and he's in the middle. I have as much fun with them as the kids do! And I dress mine in a princess gown. :)

Day 7: January 7 {All Aboard!}

This was given to Brayden by Matt's grandparents. Brayden loves trains and Matt set this up for him. It has a remote controlled train that goes around and around. It keeps him busy for a while. Sometimes he'll come get me to play trains with him.

Day 6-January 6 {Movie time!}

I bought this movie for my students after we read the book. It has Jimmy Buffett playing the Marine Biologist and sings some songs on the soundtrack. When we told the babies about that, they wanted to watch it. So we did! They loved it! It really is a cute movie.

Day 5: January 5 {Hot chocolate}

This is one of my favorite mugs to drink out of. I love the little penguin. And, although it's tall, I'm not really sure it holds more. But I like to think so!

Day 4: January 4 {hugs!}

More like squishes!! This is what happens when you take a self portrhait of you and babies. Or when I do! Brayden is trying to push the button (that's what he's looking at) and I'm trying to make sure he does, and then trying to make sure I Look ok, and well, you know, not so much. AND it was done on my phone. I don't get it, really, sometimes the pics from my phone look great and others, they look like they were taken years ago when camera phones first came out. Hm.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 3: January 3 {Happy Birthday Princess Style!}

One of Ava's friends, Lili, turned 4 today! Her mom and I went to high school together. She requested everyone dress as princesses! Ava wore her new Rapunzel costume and everyone loved it! She also won the "Pin the Crown on the Princess" game!

Day 2: January 2 {Let's Go Fly a Kite!}

My dad got Brayden a Space Shuttle kite. We went over there and it was windy enough to fly it. They both did such a great job!

Day 1: January 1 {Happy New Year!}

Finally. 2010 is over! I made it through year one of my Project 365 and am ready to take on 2011. This project has really given me a lot. It's been stressful at times trying to find SOMETHING to take a picture of but it's been so fun and rewarding. My kids are used to mom with the camera and most people ask about it. I have met some amazing ladies in this process and learned a lot about them, photography and scrapbooking! Talent like crazy, those ladies. I'm excited to continue this adventure!
After a long and eventful night with Courtney and her dogs, we had an easy day. Well, the pouring rain really helped too. Brayden decided enough was enough and he was going to ride his bike anyways!

December 2010-FINISHED!!!!

December 31,2010-My last picture of 2010. And I'm done. Courtney, her dogs and my babies. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! December 30-My parents got us an electronic dart board. This is my bullseye. And I got another one later in the night! WOOT!! But yeah, I did throw it a bit hard...the flag came off...
December 29-The babies watching TV on the floor in my room. I was trying to do scrapbooking.

December 28-The City of Niceville put up this huge display of lights in their city buildings area. The library, police and fire stations, a children's park and city hall are there. They had a few little buildings, a reindeer barn and little scenes set up all over. We drove around 3 or 4 times before I figured the cops might come out to see us :)
December 27-Christmas presents STILL on the table. December 26-My old boss from the deli turned 60 today. They had a surprise party at the restaurant.

December 25-Merry Christmas! Opening presents

December 24-Christmas PJ's-A Reed children tradition that excites only their mother!!

December 23-Matt and I wrapped presents tonight. Here they are under the tree.

December 21-Brayden's first haircut. Yes. I cried. And I don't care that he does look better. His hair is gone :(

December 20-Part of the eclipse! December 19-Intently working on her letters

December 18-Hot chocolate and donuts!

December 17-I made this for my dad for Christmas. He loves the Polar Express and has made it a tradition with my babies. I didn't make the idea for myself. I found it on a Blog Hop from All Things Crafty.

December 16-the kids after their program. Brayden sang "Up on the Housetop" and Ava sang "Jingle Bells" and "Little Drummer Boy." This was right before they met Santa!

December 15-My wonderful gift from my wonderful Secret Sister, Amy! I received the jar etched that says "Yum!" and has a piece of candy on the other side, Reese's, a flower pen and a recipe for Apple Crisp! How beautiful, right? I need to take a better picture of the jar. It is so cool. December 14

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