Tuesday, January 11, 2011

December 4, 2010-
The city Christmas Parade was today and we had a good time. It was kind of long and the ACC Championship was starting...But we were able to see Santa Claus and the kids got tons of candy!
December 3-Brayden riding around as Rudolph. December 2, 2010-Ava's house on the porch. Ready for Christmas!

December 2, 2010-Took my mom to the doctor again and as I was trying to turn around in a small parking lot I backed over the curb. This is ALL that happened. Thank goodness!

November 30, 2010-This is Eddie. Eddie was a student at my school last year. He received all of his credits but hadn't passed his FCAT. He worked with Matt so it was just an interesting small world. He came looking for me to help him pass his test this year and the news we got today was that HE PASSED!!! They had a diploma ready for him! We are all so proud!!

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~BridgetL~ said...

congrats to eddie for passing. That was very sweet of you to help him out.

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