Sunday, January 9, 2011

Continuing on in 2010

Monday, November 15:
This is what happens when my kids go off somewhere with their dad! They end up on motorcycles! Yeesh....:) This is my father in law's motorcycle.
Tuesday, November 16:
Um. Why?

Wednesday, November 17:
I just finished this book. I had heard about it and it got great reviews and I thought it was good. Not exciting, not stellar or world changing, but it was good. I found myself skimming over pages, waiting for something good to happen and then reading that part. The main character bothered me a bit and the ending disappointed me. I really hate trilogies that are so dependant of each other. I like to read a book and be satisfied if that's all I read. I never know when I'll be able to get the next book, so I hate when the book is just continued in the next book. This one was like that. Literally, left with an incomplete sentence even...

Thursday, November 18:

Brayden got my camera again. You can tell by his finger. Sometimes his pictures are actually really good, he just takes close to a thousand every time. With a finger in them!

Friday, November 19:

How I got to see Courtney AGAIN, I don't know. But I went to scrapbook at her house where her scraproom is her old dining room. When she built her table, she actually made it big enough so that when I come scrap there's room for us at the same place! Cool, huh? I knew I loved her for a reason ;) Here are our daquiris we spent more time drinking than actually scrapping :)

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