Saturday, October 23, 2010

October 6-Halloween decorations

We went to Joann's just to look and the babies were each able to choose their own decoration. Brayden picked the spider and Ava chose the witch. They are very proud of their very own decorations for Halloween!

October 5

I really am a nerd, I guess. I sent one of my students out and he came back in going crazy about this stick bug right outside the door. So I ran out, ran back in, grabbed my camera and ran back out. It was really pretty cool. It's huge too!! We caught it for the science teacher to hold.

October 4-Happy Birthday, Matt!

Today is Matt's birthday! He had the day off and I came home with a cake and some flowers. My mom and dad usually keep the babies on Monday nights so we went to Bamboo, our favorite sushi place. We always have a lot of fun there, the sushi chefs are hilarious. And it's always nice to go where people know you!

October 3-sleeping soundly

It was obviously a long day for us yesterday. Sometimes, if we stay up late or even if the babies go to bed in their own bed, they will end up on our floor. We put out a little bed for them with a comforter, some pillows, and a sheet. We kind of have a rule that it has to be the morning (like 5 or 6) before they can come in on regular nights. This night, though, we all fell asleep in a "camp out" on the floor. And late the next morning, they were still passed out!

October -Christmas?!

While the babies napped, I was able to sneak out to our local Scrapbook store. The owner had made this countdown and I Loved it! She let me take a picture so I could do it at home. She said she got it from a magazine, and I would credit it if I could remember which one it was. I think I'd like it better in the cardboard (because I know that's not what it's called, but I can't remember what it is). She also told me that she would bind it for me and all I would have to do was buy the binder things.

October 1-Starbucks

Today I took my 10th grade Reading class to Starbucks for a change of scenery and because I think they deserved it. Many of them had never been to Starbucks and it was definitely a culture shock for many of them. They worked though, and the baristas were very patient and helpful. The kids said they had a good time, but maybe next time they would like to try somewhere else!

September 30-FCAT

In Florida, our state assessment is called the FCAT. It's HUGE here. So much so that it really makes kids sick to take it. The kids have to pass it in their 10th grade year to graduate. They can take it 3 times a year after that if they don't pass it. Many students have been retained because of their FCAT scores if they don't show "grade level proficiency." When we plan classes, instruction and we even talk about kids we generally refer to them as a "level 3" or "level 1" based on how they scored on their FCAT. We have started to look through the data to figure out where our students didn't succeed well. The unfortunate thing is this test is taken in March and it's now October. We have a long way to go, but we also have more data we have to get to really get a good idea. I decided I wanted to do some FCAT Chats with the students to figure out how they really did on the test last year to know whether or not the scores are true to the student. Our school grades are contingent upon these scores as well. No other factor goes into school grades other than these tests. At one point during the past year the lawmakers were trying to pass a law that made the teacher's salary and pay contingent upon these test scores and yearly progress on the test as well.

September 29-FINS UP!

Not news to anyone here, but my kids LOVE Jimmy Buffett. And we play it over and over and over. And if it's not playing, they are singing it. Particularly Fins. I don't know why this song is their favorite, but it may be because it comes with a dance. So here they are dancing their tails off to "Fins."

September 28-Silly Bandz

Seen these?? These are crazy. they are bracelets that are like rubber bands. They are shaped and then you put them on your wrist and they look like regular rubber bands on your wrist. Take it off and it's back to the shape! It's crazy!! They have them for EVERYTHING!! This is one Ava has from the Disney Princesses...they have Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter, Florida State, Florida, Looney Tunes...insane! But fun, I think!

September 27-an oldie but a goodie

My mom bought this book for Ava. I loved it when I was little and I can't believe how timeless some things are. How simple and easy yet good for all generations, huh?

September 26-On the way home

"Take a picture, Mommy, picture!"

I hear from the back of the car on our way home...turn around and this is what I see.
How is it that my kids know I LOVE to take pictures?
How is it that they LOVE to get their picture taken?? haha.

September 25-Jessica's wedding

Weddings are never easy breezy and I didn't take many pictures today! I did get Matt to snap this one of Ava and me right before we went to change. The wedding was good, and the reception was fun.

September 24-A card

I didn't get a card for my sister, so I thought I'd make one. Everyone knows my deficiency in card making. It really is bad and no one (even myself) can figure out how! So I was a little worried trying to make a wedding card for her, but I did. I used DCWV All Dressed Up, a cardboard heart that I flocked with white flocking, .99 ribbon from JoAnn's and a jewel one of my wonderful scrapping friends shared with me. The "C" is for their new last name, but it was from Hocus Pocus Thickers and it was purple. I put silver over it. And it looks like a "G." :(

September 23-Cosmo!

Ok, so I spent most of today packing and cleaning in anticipation of leaving for Jax and didn't take a picture. So I tried to get one of Cosmo because he was the only one around! The kids had left with my parents and Matt was at work. Cosmo was not such a willing participant...All the pictures I got ended up much like this! Or of his I figured I would just use this one, although it's not that great!!

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