Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 26-Busy Saturday

We took the babies to the water again today but can you believe it was even too hot to do that?? They had fun while we were there, though.

My parents had a Mustang "Show and Shine" at a local restaurant, Perry's. They were doing a crawfish boil and Matt loves them. The babies weren't as receptive to them and quite frankly, neither was I!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

June 25-Again with the water!

Anna asked us to go swimming with her family at one of her pastor's house. The kids love each other and always have so much fun together. Ava actually learned to swim by herself with her little float thingie on!!

June 24-Ice cream with Oma

We met my mom at Sonic for ice cream. Ava was being a bit bratty and refused to take the picture with them.

June 23- Tickets to Jimmy Buffet

UPDATE: Adding the picture :)

AND Kenny Chesney AND Zac Brown Band AND a few other fun guys! For FRRRREEEEE!!! I found out Monday that they were doing a free concert in Gulf Shores, AL to raise money for the oil spill, or to benefit areas affected by them. And yes, you still had to get tickets. So I waited allll morning for tickets. I started refreshing my screen repeatedly at about 9:55. When my screen came up asking what I wanted my hands started shaking!! I felt like it took FOREVER to get through everything and finally the confirmation screen came up! I was able to get them! We were able to find a relatively reasonable hotel. So it will be a nice mini vacation!! Yay!

My POTD is the tickets, I Just couldn't print them out until Friday.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 22-Apoint apoint apoint your toe...

This was Ava's 3rd ballet class and she absolutely LOVES it.

June 21-Amy and Debbie

Amy and Debbie showed up to the party today! wooo hooo!!!! Can't wait to show you how incredibly cute these ladies turned out to be! Of course, most of you ARE those ladies :) But still :)

June 20-Happy Father's Day!

We went to church with Anna today and then grilled out and hung out outside for a little bit. I took this picture of the babies and Matt because I thought it was cute how they were sitting at the bar watching him cook. And for the record, he likes to cook and trust me when I say it would wouldn't be a present if I cooked.

June 19-The Wall

When I heard that this was coming here, I knew that I wanted to see it. I didn't know it would be as moving as it was. I felt weird crying but at the same time I couldn't help it. Inside they had the Traveling Museum with things specific to the area from the Vietnam War. There were even quilts for the Quilts of Valor from my mom's quilting group. Outside they had the Wall set up. It was hard, but interesting to see the mementos people left there. It was just short of storming so they made us hurry which kind of upset me but it was nice to see it. I tried to use my panoramic view and this is only half of the wall.

June 18-Library

Today Courtney called and asked if we wanted to go to the library. I haven't taken the kids there and the reason was evident soon after. Ava did such a great job, she picked out books and we went into the children's reading room to read some of them. I just couldn't get Brayden settled though. I did get a library book and check out two books (the limit for the first time). Ava got a Dumbo book and I got "Teach from the Heart" by Erin Gruwell, the follow up to the Freedom Writer's Diary.

June 17-Mandy

Mandy and baby Braeden showed up today. Love love love it!

June 16-Val

Val showed up today! I Love this!! Well, except the part where I have to wait to share the pictures :)

June 15-ME!!

I finished mine, seriously, at the last minute. 12 of "me" and they are on their way out!

June 14-Lorrie

Lorrie and her friend arrived today!

June 13-a great day!

I have known Chris since high school. He actually graduated with my sister but we all went to church together. After high school we kind of lost contact but hooked back up and now talk often. He really helps through some of the hard times and one thing that I Love most about him is that he is really nonjudgmental as far as going to church (or not, as it is most often). Anyways, he got ordained as a priest June 6 in Tallahassee and celebrated his first Mass at "home" today. I knew of all days to go to church, it would be today. He did wonderfully and delivered a great Homily. I was really glad to be there and it was nice to be back at church. He has been assigned to the Catholic Student Ministry in Tallahassee.

June 12-Aprile and Debbie

Aprile and Debbie have landed in our mailbox! You should see how excited Ava gets every time I bring in an envelope. She loves seeing them as much as I do!

June 11-Bridget

Bridget is here!!

June 10-zucchini flowers

The zucchini plants have flowers!!! I'm trying to figure out what the next phase is and when we might get to see some actual vegetables! Again, sorry for the small picture, I had to steal it from

June 9-Lynn

Today "Lynn" came to join the group! wooo hooo!!!

June 8-More water

It gets hot here. Really hot. Sometimes it's too hot to be outside but then we have to go outside for a little bit or we get cabin fever! I filled up the pool for the babies and we played in the water.

June 7-Pam

Again, no picture...not yet :) Today I received Flat Pam and I am so excited! I Hope the ladies don't mind being my POTDs though...

June 6-clown

Ava was told as long as she was good in the restaurant she could have Dora stickers. This is what she did with them. On her AND her baby. *sigh*

June 5-slide

Ava's friend from school, Alyssa, had her birthday party today. I took both babies and was a little nervous because I wasn't really sure I knew who I was going to see...Turns out, Alyssa's mom is a girl I went to school with! Yeah, one of the joys of moving "home." They rented a bouncy house with a water slide attached. It was really cool. Ava had no problem going down it but Brayden was a little nervous. Finally he worked his way onto the bounce part and Alyssa's aunt helped him up to the slide. She put him as low as she could reach and I grabbed him to take him the rest of the way. I stood at the bottom of the slide for a few runs but after a while he was on his own! I had to drag them off when the lightening and thunder began!

June 4-Splash park

I had to work tonight but we took the babies to a park up the street from my job. This Children's Park is incredible! It has quite a few pavillions, 4 or 5 jungle gyms and this AMAZING water play place. The babies really enjoyed themselves and wore themselves out, Matt said.

June 3-Akers of Strawberries

There's a place in the next town over that has pick your own fruit called Akers of Strawberries. I have never been but we decided to take the babies today. They were out of strawberries but they had peaches and blackberries and the kids really enjoyed picking peaches. We hope to go back soon to get more stuff. They say nectarines and blueberries are ready soon!

Here's my picture of the day, though:

June 2-Milk

At our second store, we have organic mik and free range eggs and a few other hard to find items. I was able to get some of the organic milk and it was really good. The kids enjoyed it too.

June 1-Carol

I can't show you this picture yet, but some of the P365 girls got together and created "Flat Me's." We had to design a paper doll that looked like ourselves. Today, Carol came in the mail!

May 31-Quack quack

This duck...I love this duck. No really. I do. When Matt's grandparents used to watch Brayden for us they had this duck and he loved to play it. It sings "Peter Cottontail." No, it doesn't sing. It quacks. So what did they do? They bought one. For. Each. Of. My. Children. Yes. I have two of these now.

But it's ok. We don't have to listen it to it all the time. :)

May 30-My birthday

This is what Courtney made for me. It's so cute, I thought. Today, though, my family and I went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and just spent some time out. It was still raining a little bit but it was manageable!

May 29-Me and my gang

Although my birthday is tomorrow, we had our friends over for a cookout and some drinks. It POURED but we were able to make it fun. Courtney made this awesome sombrero (pics tomorrow) for me to wear. It was great to have them because honestly, turning 30 scares me a little bit.

May 28-Happy Birthday, Jimbo!

Today was my Jimbo's (mom's dad) 75th birthday. We went out to dinner at a local restaurant and we took the picture at the end. This is Jimbo with my babies and my cousin's daughter, Isis.

May 27-the zoo

We took the kids to the zoo for a little bit and they really enjoyed it. Brayden chased a rooster and a peacock and the peacock wasn't going without a fight. We had to intervene. They really enjoy seeing all of the animals and feeding the goats. I thought this picture was hilarious. He just stared straight at me.

May 26-weekly checkup

This is what the zucchini plants look like about a week later.

May 25-Dinner Theater

Tonight at work was a little bit different. Instead of regular dinner service we had a dinner theater where a company came in and performed while we served the meal. It was called Foul Play on the Speedway. They also had some audience participation games and then at the end the tables had to work together to figure out who the murderer was. It was pretty neat.

May 24-Breakfast!

For the past two mornings I made pancakes for the babies. Not a big deal to the normal person, but if you know how I cook, it's HUGE. It was fun though and they ate them!! :)

May 23-True summer!

A true sign of summertime is popsicles in the backyard! We love them!! Brayden gets an orange one because it stains less. Note that it's not a no stain at me orange off of his face took a minute. Neither one of them lost much of the end either! I was so proud!!

May 22-Girls night!

Tonight after work I was able to hang out with my three best friends. They were at the Mexican restaurant and the plan was to go back to Courtney's house to play games. Unfortunately, Courtney and margaritas didn't mix so well. This is Michelle and Monica enjoying one together!

May 21-Games!


Ava's last day of school was actually a field day at the local park. The entire school was there and they did some fun relay games. They had a potato sack race, a jello race, they had to find eggs in a huge bin of styrofoam pieces and a horse race. They got snowcones and then played in the water. I really liked Ava being at that school and I hope it works out so we can get her there next year, and Brayden too!

May 20-the pool

I don't have a picture for today, well, I do, I just didn't take it. Matt's grandparents came to visit and we went swimming in the pool at their hotel. So I have to get pictures from them so I can add them to my 365!! The kids had a lot of fun but were a little hesitant about the pool because they couldn't touch the bottom. They LOVED the stairs though!

May 19-Yummy!

With my sister still in town and Ava at school, Little Man and I went to lunch. We went to Friday's and had the appetizer/entree/dessert deal. He obviously enjoyed the dessert the best.

May 18-How does your garden grow?

We thought it would be fun to try and grow some of our own vegetables. Ava helped daddy plant zucchini and squash plants. We will see how it goes. We also planted basil, parsley and rosemary.

May 17-The moon

If we are outside in the evening, Brayden always makes sure to tell the moon good bye and good night. Sometimes repeatedly! Even if I am just taking the dog out, he will scoot past me out the door to tell the moon good night and blow it a kiss. It's the sweetest thing. "Goodnight, Moon" is definitely on our list of books we need to get!!

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