Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 5-slide

Ava's friend from school, Alyssa, had her birthday party today. I took both babies and was a little nervous because I wasn't really sure I knew who I was going to see...Turns out, Alyssa's mom is a girl I went to school with! Yeah, one of the joys of moving "home." They rented a bouncy house with a water slide attached. It was really cool. Ava had no problem going down it but Brayden was a little nervous. Finally he worked his way onto the bounce part and Alyssa's aunt helped him up to the slide. She put him as low as she could reach and I grabbed him to take him the rest of the way. I stood at the bottom of the slide for a few runs but after a while he was on his own! I had to drag them off when the lightening and thunder began!

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