Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 47: February 16, 2011 {the silver lining}

My grandfather (mom's dad) was taken to the ER early this morning after going into sugar shock. It was a scary situation for all of us, not knowing what was going on, my mom said he couldn't respond, was drooling and my grandmother was a mess. Ava and I went to visit him in the hospital this afternoon and as we were walking to his room, we passed this sign.

I couldn't help but giggle.

And take a picture.

He is feeling better, still running tests, and praying for everything to turn out well. Or at least to find some answers!

Day 46:February 15, 2011; {Something I love}

The tulips opened quickly! I took some pictures of them. They really are pretty. I don't get tulips much and I've come to realize how pretty they really are! Ava was looking at me funny and I asked her if she was ok. She said "yeah, the flower had thrown sand on her." I wasn't sure what she was talking about until I realized they were open. I asked if she had blown inside the flower. She told me she had.

Aha. Ava got pollen in her face. And it showed. But she's fine now!

Day 45: February 14, 2011 { Happy Valentine's Day!}

Happy Valentine's Day! This is Ava enjoying her gifts from the day. My mom got us tulips and Matt's grandparents sent the babies a package. Each of them got a monkey and a little animal gift box with chocolate covered animal crackers! There was a card for each of them and a beautiful butterfly wind chime for Matt and me. I hung it up outside and think it will be nice to hear it "chime" with out windows open upstairs in our bedroom. After this picture, Matt came home with baloons and Brayden woke up.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 44: February 13, 2011 {new workout}

I downloaded a new app for my phone called Nike Training Club. I did my first workout today. It lasted 30 minutes and it HURT. It really has been that long, huh?? I liked this app for quite a few reasons. It was only 30 minutes, I was able to do it inside, in fact, in my HALLWAY. I liked how every minute or so the activity changed. It gave me time to catch my breath but keep the intensity pretty high. If I didn't know how to do an activity, it gave me a video of how to do it. It paused the timer and I was able to watch the video and then go back to the workout. It also allowed me to use my iPod OR I could even have Pandora playing (which I did, with my 80s station rocking). The voice would count down, give some pointers on how to do the activity properly and even had a few words of encouragement. The warm up and cool down stretches were included in the 30 minutes. It tracks how long you work and you unlock different "awards" at different intervals. The app has different levels and different goals, "Get Lean," (the one I did today), "Get Toned," "Get Strong," or "Get Focused." From there, they have different routines you can choose from. The one I choose was Sweat+Shape. It was the first one.
Now, hopefully I can keep this up!

Day 43: February 12, 2011 {Spaghetti at the Reeds}

Have you ever tried to feed toddlers spaghetti? If yes, these pictures are familiar. If not, let them be a warning...

And THAT'S why they are stripped down to diapers. Straight to the bath with them!!

Day 42: February 11, 2011 {Hand Off}

Ava is no stranger to either side of the camera and anyone who looks at my pictures are no stranger to Ava getting a hold of my camera. This is her view of my box of Hot Tamales. I love this candy. And I guess the fact that you can see the bottom of the theater sized box proves that. Thanks, Ava! :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 41: February 10, 2011 {Happy Valentine's Day!}

These are the boxes from their parties today. They were able to decorate them any way they wanted and then the kids put their cards and candy into them. I just have to hide the candy from them....and ME!

Day 40: February 9, 2011 {Valentines}

The babies had a Valentine's Party on Thursday, so I made some little cards for them. It's not much, but I think they turned out cute. Ava approved :). I didn't want to do something I would have to do a lot of layers or major cuts for, so I chose these. Each had two layers, I used Paisley for Ava's and Mini Monsters for Brayden's.

Day 39: February 8, 2011 {looking down}

Ava was eating dinner on the couch and another theme was "looking down." I snapped the picture, and although I don't *love* it, it still fit the theme and I'm glad I took it!

Day 38: February 7, 2011 {reflection}

The theme for today is reflection. I thought about this, and I'm not sure why. I wanted to do something a little different with "reflection" so I thought about my engagement ring. I haven't been able to wear it because my fingers are too fat but I love it anyways. I hope that soon I can get back into it. I think the picture is pretty cool, I took a million before I got one that I really liked! The it's a tension setting, so it hangs in there and you can see the whole thing, including the bottom! I tried to get a picture showing that but it didn't work so well!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 37: February 6 {my favorite sport}

I really had every intention of taking a picture of the game but I did take a picture
of the wings! It's my parents' tradition to make wings for the Super Bowl. I took a picture of them last year, so I decided it would be kind of cool to have another picture one year later!!

Day 36: February 5 {artiste}

So....I can't keep him away from paint. This paint was up high on a shelf on my scrap desk. He walked out of my room covered with paint. So were my chair legs and part of my carpet. Yeah. I had to cut off the bottom half because, well, his bottom half was kind of showing.

Day 35: February 4: {new books!}

During FCAT "crunch time" we tend to focus a lot on nonfiction titles to help the students get used to the passages. I was trying to come up with titles that would be high interest and nonficton. AND books that I would like to read! These are the ones I came up with: Marley for my 6th and 7th graders, Zlata's Diary for my 8th graders, Go Ask Alice for my 9th graders and Tuesdays with Morrie for my 10th (and above). We ordered them the first week in January from a company that usually has a week turn around time. They didn't get here until TODAY. But I was so so excited. My principal also ordered some other classics, high interest and different level books to add to our library too. wooo hooooo!!!!

Day 34: February 3 {favorite place in the house}

Yep, you guessed it, my scrap desk. I love working here. I love sitting here, and sometimes I love even organizing it. This is my one place that I can just escape. It isn't always a lonely place, because it seems like my babies can hear the leather on the seat when I sit down. They always come running and either try to grab something off my desk, "help" with sorting pictures, or turning on the tv. My hope is that by the summer we have cleaned out the garage and set up a part of it as a bigger scrap area for me. Keep your fingers crossed!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 33: February 2 {a little too late...}

So, well, it's February 3 (4) and, well, this is the stairway of our house. Still. It really needs to come down. I don't know why it hasn't. It didn't even come down after I took the picture, and probably won't come down even after I finish posting this. Sheesh...

Day 32: February 1 {fun pictures}

This is an extreme closeup of my Stickles container. Ava got a hold of my phone and took a TON of pictures. I just thought this one was the funniest. There are some of her Zhu Zhu pet, my mat stacks stack, some foam sheets, and one of me. I don't even know. I really am trying to get them cameras that are decent quality but not too expensive!

Day 31: January 31 {camera}

This is my camera. Unfortunately, I'm not using it at the moment because I need batteries and I just haven't gotten them. So my phone is taking all of the pictures.

Day 30: January 30 {sick baby}

This is Brayden being a little sick. He spent the day with a fever and coughing so he just laid around on the couch. I just hate it because I feel like he is sick so much. He tries so hard to be in good spirits, he really does. But he just feels so icky sometimes.

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