Saturday, August 21, 2010

July 27-

We had another Act4Murder dinner theater tonight. This one was cute. A Hillbilly wedding. I love these guys. They are really funny and I hope to be a guest at a show soon!

July 26-Happy Birthday, Jessica!

My sister's birthday is today, although the picture doesn't have anything to do with that. This is the firest time all summer we went to the beach. We read the warnings on the signs to watch for oil and tarballs, but really didn't see anything to worry about. These guys came walking down the beach kicking sand and seaweed around looking for tarballs and oilspots. They found some, but it really just drove home that the oil spill was really HERE. (if that makes any sense)

July 25-Ready to go!

My parents spent all day packing the car. Ava just needed her backpack and she was ready!!

July 24-

My parents are taking the babies with them to visit Jacksonville and my sister. My brother in law is coming home from 7 months on the USS Farragut. We made this sign for them to hold using letters cut from my Cricut and their original abstract artwork!

July 23-cool dudes!

We cannot pass a sunglasses display without Brayden wanting to try some on. Today at Big Lots, we were just walking around waiting for my mom and found these "Cool Dudes."

Friday, August 20, 2010

July 22-Welcome home visors!

In preparation for the babies going on vacation, I found these visors for 50 cents at Joann's. I haven't decided if I am going to decorate them or just leave them like they are.

July 21-Goofy Golf

I thought that I would be able to handle the kids goofy golfing by myself. I was WAAAAYYY

Y wrong. Trying to teach them how to hit the ball, leave the ball where it was, keep Brayden from running all over the place and just stay cool in general=huge FAIL.

July 20-

Matt and I went to dinner with Matt and Courtney. We ate at a new place called Red Ginger. We had sushi and hibachi. It was super yummy and I've never seen sushi so elaborately presented before!

July 19-Visiting the library

We went to the library again today and Ava wasted no time starting to read.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

July 18-my journal!

When I realized I wouldn't be able to blog every day I started writing in a journal. Sometimes I don't write in this every day. I found this at Michaels for $2. I loved it because, well, it's true. I can't cook for anything. So it's fun and functional!

July 17-At the Park

We decided to go to the park by my mom's house for a little bit. We took Cosmo because they have this huge running area. He climbed on the jungle gym too. Here he is digging a hole in the tire shreds they use to pad the ground. It was really really hot.

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