Friday, June 25, 2010

June 23- Tickets to Jimmy Buffet

UPDATE: Adding the picture :)

AND Kenny Chesney AND Zac Brown Band AND a few other fun guys! For FRRRREEEEE!!! I found out Monday that they were doing a free concert in Gulf Shores, AL to raise money for the oil spill, or to benefit areas affected by them. And yes, you still had to get tickets. So I waited allll morning for tickets. I started refreshing my screen repeatedly at about 9:55. When my screen came up asking what I wanted my hands started shaking!! I felt like it took FOREVER to get through everything and finally the confirmation screen came up! I was able to get them! We were able to find a relatively reasonable hotel. So it will be a nice mini vacation!! Yay!

My POTD is the tickets, I Just couldn't print them out until Friday.

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~BridgetL~ said...

Lucky you. Wish I was close and I could go. I love Kenny Chesney.

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