Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 1: January 1 {Happy New Year!}

Finally. 2010 is over! I made it through year one of my Project 365 and am ready to take on 2011. This project has really given me a lot. It's been stressful at times trying to find SOMETHING to take a picture of but it's been so fun and rewarding. My kids are used to mom with the camera and most people ask about it. I have met some amazing ladies in this process and learned a lot about them, photography and scrapbooking! Talent like crazy, those ladies. I'm excited to continue this adventure!
After a long and eventful night with Courtney and her dogs, we had an easy day. Well, the pouring rain really helped too. Brayden decided enough was enough and he was going to ride his bike anyways!

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