Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let me finish out the year....

I hope!

Monday, November 8: After a bath, the kids were playing around and Ava picked up Brayden. I don't know how they didn't fall over!

Tuesday, November 9:
We found a dining table on Craigslist for super cheap. We needed one. See that little glass on the left side? That was our old table. We had one chair that hadn't broken and it was just a mess. We spent most of our mealtimes on the couch with trays. It wasn't great for true family time! Wednesday, November 10:

My mom had a doctor's appointment in Pensacola for her foot. It's about 45 minutes away so Ava and I rode with her. It was a long wait, my Gypsy and phone batteries died and Ava was getting antsy. We took a walk around the little complex there and came across this bridge behind a dentist's office. I thought it was pretty! The whole area was really pretty.
Thursday, November 11:

Happy Veteran's Day! Matt took the kids to Jacksonville for the weekend so I was on my own. My parents were in the parade with their Mustang Club so I came out to see them. It was nice to see everyone out supporting our Veterans and cheering for them.

Friday, November 12:
I was able to join Courtney and her scrapbooking group tonight. I just did my own thing since it was a last minute thing. This is one I did. I have to redo the "we'd" but this is one of my favorite quotes by Jimmy Buffett and I thought it was quite fitting for the crazy faces we made in these pictures!

Saturday, November 13:

Empty beds. Even though I love the quiet, I miss my kids! But look, a made bed!! Sunday, November 14:

The pictures in use. I need to find a better means of attaching them. They keep falling off.

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