Sunday, January 9, 2011

November 2010 again

November 25:

Happy Thanksgiving! Notice I'm on the outside of the kitchen taking pictures. It's where I do my best work :)

November 26:

Happy Black Friday! These are some of the ads we were interested in. We were up at 2:30 to make it to Kohl's by 4. It was fun, just me and Matt but we were exhausted by noon!
November 26: Go Noles! Today we played University of Florida, HUGE rivals. we have not beaten them in 6 years? At least? Today was sweet sweet revenge. Not only did we win, we won convincingly. And then Maryland beat NCState (I think that's how it went) to send us to the ACC Championship! Wooo Hooo!! We were at the Ale House after visiting a friend's baby's baptism and it was crazy in there. But the kids had fun, and I love that they get excited with us!

November 28:

It's time! This is, by far, my pride and joy when it comes to Christmas decorations. My Sugar and Spice village! It's now retired so I have to find pieces on Ebay. And sometimes, they aren't cheap. So it's been a while since I've added more.
November 29:
This red bird (cardinal?) was just hanging out on campus as Ms. Hardy and I were standing outside. I took this with my phone and didn't know at the time I could zoom. I uploaded the picture to and then grayed out the surroundings to make him pop. I wish I would have thought to do this before I printed it!

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~BridgetL~ said...

I love your christmas village. I have a lot of houses, but nothing like you have, a collection.
Also love the grey picture with the red cardinal. very cool

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