Friday, March 26, 2010

March 19 " gave me a lemur!" "We sell lemurs here?

I'm not even sure I Know what a lemur is!"

Ahh...Mr. Magorium. One of Ava's favorite movies. It really is a good movie. Simple, but at the same time so complex. The point of that is this:
Brayden with a lemur!! One of the things I noticed with this zoo is that the zookeepers interact a lot with the animals. The woman even went to play with the lion too. But at the same time, how cool is it that Brayden got to pet one. He wanted to hold it!
The black bear, which for some reason I Thought was really cool.
The white tiger, pacing.
This little monkey was crazy. And by crazy I mean CUH RAY ZEE. Holy goodness. He was jumping and screeching and just trying to scare us. So of course, we just stood there and watched :)

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Chirpin Is Fun said...

Sounds like you had an awesome visit at the zoo! It's great when the kids are excited about animals and really want to participate.

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