Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 20-FSU modeling princess! (warning, lots of pics!)

My good friend, Carey Williams, at needed Ava again to help her model. What, you ask?? Nothing greater than the Florida State blingwear!! She had UF stuff and Bama things. Of course my little girl was the Nole Princess!! Here is Ava and Arden giving "mean faces." Although Ava is almost not mean by this picture!

Trying to keep her occupied, I did my first cartwheel in probably a decade. At least. Still alive and I landed on my feet. *whew*

This is what little brothers do to pass the time while waiting for sister to finish modeling...Thanks Opa!

The girls running and just being silly.

Ava posing, with crossed eyes. For some reason, this is her new thing...we have been telling her not to do it, it might hurt her eyes! And Carey taking pictures of her daughter laying on the ground.

The three of them again, with Ava being silly with her eyes crossed.

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~BridgetL~ said...

they are all just adorable :)

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