Saturday, September 18, 2010

September 10-Homecoming

Crestview High School's Homecoming came way early this year. I took the babies to the parade and it was hot hot hot. I thought they might have fun anyways, we missed the band (Ava's favorite part) but saw many of the other floats and the Homecoming court. Unfortunately, I put us right next to the football players who ended up getting into candy throwing fights with the people on the floats. This was fine until they got ahead of us and we were now in between them. My kids were getting pelted with candy.
This is the CAYA Cheerleaders float. One of Ava's ballet friends is in it. Her mom and I went to high school together.

However, once the football players left, candy was alllll over the place and the babies went nuts filling their bags!

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