Monday, April 12, 2010

April 9-Fishing with daddy

This is my official picture of the day. We both had the day off and Matt wanted to go fishing. There is a place that is a fishing spot and a little beach so we headed off there. They also have a playgroud area, so all in all, a pretty family fun place. We got Ava a fishing pole for Christmas and this was her first time using it. Matt actually helped me set up this picture, I Just wanted the fishing poles but then her flip flops were there and he said what about if I put mine too?? And I think it really turned into a cool picture.Ava did pretty good casting, we didn't put a hook on her Princess pole but she had fun.The Thunderbirds were practicing for the weekend's air show and Ava wasn't so happy with the noise. Out of the 15 or so kids there, mine were the only ones who screamed when they flew over. Awesome. But she was still jumping around in the water, even with her fingers in her ears. Bubba got a little too much sun today and he was hurting on his shoulders. I don't know how we missed it and I feel like such a bad mom because he would say "ouchie ouchie" every time I touched his shoulders. :(


~BridgetL~ said...

sorry about the sun burn, don't worry we have all done it a time or two.

Mandy said...

Your kids are so adorable! I can totally relate with sunburning...Braeden got sunburned this weekend.

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