Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 74: March 15 {fave craft tool}

One of the themes for this week was our favorite craft tool. I didn't want to be OBVIOUS and say my Cricut or my Gypsy, because they are my favorites. I don't craft much without them. Soooo...I chose my Xyron. I really like it because it has made putting things together so much easier. I have this one and a 2 inch "X" one. Both are purple :) They are especially helpful for small parts or even layers (*ahem* Disney characters). If you get the repositional cartridge, you can pull it up if you dont' like where it is. And I Have yet to have a problem with it ever coming up.


Mandy said...

I suppose this is a tool I need to invest in. I only have the little Xyron "X".

~BridgetL~ said...

I LOVE LOVE My XYRONS!!!!!! Yes I have 4 lil X, the 900, 500 and a cheeta or whatever its called. I even use to have a 1200, but got rid of it because I could not find refills.

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