Monday, January 18, 2010

Dirty Scraps

I found this new challenge site Dirty Scraps that is just starting and I think it is amazing! The idea is to scrap EVERYTHING. Not just the good moments, not just the fun stuff, not just the perfect pictures. The raw, the dirty, the not so fun because in truth, that makes us who we are just as much as those perfect moments. It is about getting our frustration out, charting new territory. I love the idea and it is harder than I Thought. I don't scrap like other people do, I think I'm very amatuerish compared to others. But I hope doing this will help me break out of that and get a little messier in my scrapping.

The first challenge: To scrap a peeve and include the positive you have gained from it. The journaling reads: "I get angry at myself. Because I lost my job. Because I'm a poor planner. Because we moved in with my parents. Because I lose patience with my children. I feel stuck, lost, like a loser mom. I can't find a job, my kids act crazy, I feel weak and worthless. I get mad at myself for being MAD. I don't want to fail, but I'm ready to give up" "BUT my kids are my everything. Every tear is dried with their smiles, every frustration forgotten in their laughter. Every worry lost in a snuggle. Do I struggle? Do I beat myself up? Yes. Does it matter to them? No. And that is what keeps me going through this hard time."

Around the outside of the journaling boxes are words and phrases associated with the feeling within the journaling. The white box is a picture I haven't gotten done yet, but I took it for my 365 project. That day was one of "these days." I know the layout probably loses something with this picture, but I wanted to get it scrapped and done and I will add the picture as soon as I get it printed out.

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Pinky said...

Oh that is so deep and how every mom feels I think too! GREAT LO and fantastic journaling! LOVE It! Thanks so much for letting me know you did a LO, somehow I must have missed it *Gasp* :) Love it!

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