Thursday, January 7, 2010


This is the photo wall (well, my side) at my mom and dad's house. Nice huh? But as the whole purpose of this challenge is to capture and reflect our year, I'm sure that's what this does too. Of course, there are the pictures that I wish weren't there (who let me CRIMP my hair??) but they each tell their own story. There's my prom pictures. When I went with a date and went by myself. The year my dad said my mom WAS NOT allowed to do our hair or put makeup on. The picture of my dad and color guard pictures. My senior pictures. The picture of me graduating from FSU. I can tell you a book from that one picture. The one picture that made me decide it was time to lose weight. Pictures of times I was too young to remember. But I Love to hear others tell the stories. Pictures...reflections...

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