Saturday, January 9, 2010

The theme was inside out/upside down...

But I got nothing...I searched and even didn't search for something to use. So I figured I would take a picture and share with you something I haven't yet! My puppy dog! He's not a puppy anymore, but he was my "first baby." He's a mutt, given to me by one of my old students my second year of teaching. His name is Cosmo and he's a nutty dog. He tolerates my babies, but I think he might be upset with them for coming...For a long time it was just us. And our cat! He has a Nemo fish (I'll get a pic of that soon!) that he LOVES. It's just about the same size as him and he hikes it like a football. Hilarious!!

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Jes said...

Pretty dog!!! I can never get my dog to look strait at the camera.

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