Friday, January 22, 2010

January 21, 2010 {getting warmer!}

I had to take a picture of our thermometer that read 77 degrees!! Heck, yeah, baby!!! The cold is gone gone gone gone gone!! Of course, it did take a huge thunderstorm overnight to bring this but I'm ok with that because by the afternoon most everything had dried up. Now, if this will stay I will be one happy camper! This I couldn't resist. The monkey is one of those toddler backpacks with the leash. My parents got it for Ava when they go out and it was left in the house. Brayden INSISTS that he get to wear it. He is so darn proud of the monkey on his back!

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Jes said...

I wish it was warmer here! Still wet, cold and rainy.

Sonny has a monkey backpack he loves too. They look so cute when they wear them I think. lol

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