Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 22, 2010 {dirty}

One of the hardest things for me in letting my children play outside, paint, use clay, eat yogurt, and all around be kids is the clean up part. I always cringe at the thought of how that's gonna go...Most of the time, however, I am able to let that go and just let them enjoy themselves. Today, Ava was playing in the dirt *cringe* and at the same time saying, "my hands are sooo dirty. My hands are sooo dirty!" I think she was really saying, "haha, mommy!!" But it was fun for her, in her little "flower garden" so I let it go. Brayden found a huge bucket filled with water and had fun throwing sticks into it. I did have to watch him because I think he wanted to take a dive.


Jes said...

I cringe with dirt and messy things too. Sonny LOVED digging in the backyard dirt and so I went out and bought him a sandbox with sand, hoping that would help. Nope. He still prefers the dirt. lol

Cute pictures! Ava seems to be happy with dirty hands. lol

~BridgetL~ said...

Your little ones are so cute. I don't like dirt either.

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