Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25, 2010 {old}

Today Matt had to go into work for a little bit so we all took a ride to Ft. Walton. The babies and I played at the park for a bit, went to lunch with Matt and then walked around downtown some more. It is a fairly old place and they are trying very hard to keep the historic part of it going. There is an old Indian temple Mound museum across the street so we went to see it. It was really neat. We had to walk up quite a few steps to get to the actual temple because the mound is really high but this is the temple. They don't let anyone walk on the actual mound and it is still used for Native American ceremonies in the area.
This is the second room in the old schoolhouse. It was added later to house the highschoolers. Ava and Brayden were watching this woodpecker toy (it is in front of Ava on the desk) and as simple as it was, they loved it!

This is the teacher's desk on the main side of the school building.
This is the schoolhouse. Ava was able to sit at a desk and write on the slate boards and it was really cool. She liked it. The guide was telling us that they interviewed the original teachers and students to make sure they set it up exactly how they remembered it. The school dates back to 1912 and they restored it in the late 1980s. There was even a dunce cap! She said this housed 1st-8th grade with only one teacher...and here we are complaining about overcrowding!! :)


~BridgetL~ said...

Now this is really cool :)

Jes said...

That is really cool!!! Love the pictures and the kids looked like they had fun too!

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