Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18, 2010 {flat}

So this morning Matt and I had off and we were determined to sleep in. We all know babies can sniff that out faster than a dog looking for a rabbit. Or whatever dogs look for. Anyways, the babies were up pretty early and of all the things we don't have here, one is the coffee maker. So I told Matt I was going to Starbucks, right up the road. As I'm driving, I hear a really funky noise. I slow down. Noise gone. Speed's back and getting louder. I pull into the parking lot debating drive through or walk in and figure I need to find out what is making that noise. Thinking something is not closed, or hanging out I climb out of the car. As I'm turning to close the door, I see it. The tire is flat. Like GEICO Pothole flat. So I go in and order my coffee (and a banana chocolate chip coffee cake-hey, my tire is FLAT.) and ask to use the phone. One of the lovely baristas let me use hers to call Matt who tells me I have to walk home to stay with the babies so he can go up there and fix it. I do. And he tells me as I'm walking up the stairs (oh the stairs.) "You really walked?? I was kidding, why didn't you call your mom?" Sheesh. Not a big deal, the walk wasn't that bad, better with sidewalks, but I don't expect to do it that often. Alas, an unexpected expense just days after moving into our new house.

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~BridgetL~ said...

Oh im sorry you had a flat and that you had to walk, at least you got your banana chocolate chip cake. :)

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